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You come at me sideways, I'm gonna f*ck you up!
Zuly Ramos
Bad Girl Information
The Caribbean Cassanova
August 7, 1984
Tampa, Florida
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 9: Mexico
10 episodes
Andrea Jones
Ashley Dye
Falen Ghirmai
Julie Ofcharsky (formerly)
Natasha Smoot
Rima Mellal
Stayed in the house on Season 9
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Zayden Ramos (formerly Zuly Ramos) also known as The Caribbean Cassonova) is a replacement bad girl on Season 9. Ramos is now a transgender man, and is currently 39 years old.


Season 9[]

Bad Girls

Episode 8 Episode 9-11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14
Zayden Zayden Zayden Zayden Zayden Zayden
  1. Zayden replaced Christina in episode 8.
  2. Zayden made it to the end of the show.

Season 10 (Reunion appareance)[]

Season 11 ( Guest appearance)[]


  • After Bad Girls Club, Zuly came out as transgender and changed his name to Zayden. He is the only transgender person to be on Bad Girls Club.
  • Allegedly, Zayden got in to a fight with random girls at the club during season 9.
  • Zayden previously dated Rocky from Season 10.


Season 9[]