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You come at me sideways, I'm gonna f*ck you up!
Zuly Ramos
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Zuly Ramos (also known as The Caribbean Cassonova) is a replacement bad girl on Season 9. Zuly is currently 32 years old and she resides in Tampa, Florida.


Season 9

Bad Girls

Episode 8 Episode 9-11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14
Zuly Zuly Zuly Zuly Zuly Zuly
  1. Zuly replaced Christina in episode 8.
  2. Zuly made it to the end of the show.

Season 11 (appearance)


  • Zuly replaces Christina in Miserella, being the second overall replacement of this season.
  • Zuly is lesbian, we later learn this when she is seen making out with the other girlsZuly is the only cast member of the season not to get in a fight.
  • She says that she is cool with everyone, so she hasn't made any enemies really.
  • In Miserella when Mehgan ask Zuly a question, Zuly ignores and Mehgan states that the others have been talking about her to Zuly obviously.
  • She gets to dance in the second Pink Kitten gig, but has to learn all the moves unlike the others.
  • Surprisingly, rima & julie seemed to take a liking to Zuly quick, unlike the other girls.
  • Zuly was Dating Rocky from Season 10.
  • Zuly had a crush Rima during season 9