What's a Wilmarie? I'm a Wilmarie b*tch!
Wilmarie Sena
Rough Rider
Season(s) 6
First seen Weak Sauce
Last seen Season 6: Reunion Part 2
Appeared in 8 episodes
Biographical Information
Born December 6, 1982
Title(s) Wilma
Rough Rider
Hometown Passaic County, New Jersey
Physical Information
Status Replacement
Age 27 (filming)
34 (currently)
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Familial Information
Friends Kori Koether
Jessica Rodriguez
Lauren Spears
Jennifer Buonagurio
Tanisha Thomas
Enemies Nikki Galladay
Char Warren
Media Information
Twitter @thatssowilma
Instagram @thatssowilma_
Snapchat @helloimwilma

Wilmarie "Wilma" Sena (also known as Rough Rider) is a replacement bad girl on Season 6. Wilmarie is currently 34 years old and she resides in Passaic County, New Jersey.


Season 6

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 8 Episode 9-10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13
Wilmarie Wilmarie Wilmarie Wilmarie Wilmarie Wilmarie
  1. Wilmarie replaced Ashley in episode 8.
  2. Wilmarie is removed from the house in episode 13 after a physical altercation with Nikki.


Opponents Episode


Weak Sauce
NikkiWilmarie2 Nikki Don't Hate La Playa
NikkiWilmarie Army of One
NikkiWilmarie3 Only the Bad Remain


  • "My friends know that whenever there's like a rumble, I'm like in my Corsette, my six-inch heels, and running like ready to fight. I don't start drama, I don't start fights, but if you do start with me, I will finish it. That's how it.
  • "I'm gonna leave in handcuffs and she'll gonna leave in ambulance."
    • "You started from the beginning, what the f**k is a Wilmarie? I'm a Wilmarie bitch!"