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Who Is This Bitch?
Los Angeles
Season 3, Episode 7
Air date January 27, 2009
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"Who Is This Bitch?" is the seventh episode of the third season of the Bad Girls Club. This marks the first appearance of Kayla's replacement, Ashley.


The girls decide to make the newbie feel unwanted and destroy her portrait. The next day, the phone rings and the new girl, Ashley, warns Ailea that she will arriving in a few minutes. Whitney gets angry with her attitude. All the girls lock the doors not to let Ashley get inside. When she pulls up, she enters the house from the backyard. The girls decide not to be too talkative and Amber M. is the one to show Ashley her room and wardrobe. This way, Ashley quickly forms an alliance with both Ambers, while the rest of the girls still remain bitter. When going out, Ashley clearly stated that she wanted to be friends with everyone, but she and the rest didn't seem to come to a conclusion. To put off the tension, the girls decide to organise a gambling event, inviting croupiers with toy money and chips. Ashley gets influenced by the whole event and proposes that they go to Las Vegas the next day. The girls get very excited.