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The one person you should not f*ck with, is me!
Whitney Collings
Bad Girl Information
The Straight Shooter
May 31, 1987
December 4, 2020
Boston, Massachusetts
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 3
13 episodes
Ailea Carr
Ashley Weaver
Sarah Michaels
Tiffany Davis
Fab 5
Removed from the house in Season 3
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Whitney Collings (also known as The Straight Shooter) was a original bad girl on Season 3. Whitney was 21 during filming and she resides in Boston. On December 4, 2020, Whitney passed away at the age of 33 in a Hospital near Boston.


Whitney Collings was raised in the projects of Boston, Massachusetts. So Whitney Collings grew a thick skin to deal with everything around her. Sometimes Whitney Collings has a hard time opening up to people. Whitney has a temper and loves to raise her voice – in her mind, she's right no matter what. Whitney Collings's in-your-face attitude certainly has a lot to do with pride in her city. Everyone thinks of Whitney Whitney Collings on "The Bad Girls Club 3" Collings as a hilarious blue-collar Bostonian. But with her smile and sense of humor, we're sure Whitney Collings is going to get along with the rest of "Bad Girls Club."


Season 3[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-5 Episode 6-9 Episode 10-11 Episode 12
Whitney Whitney Whitney Whitney Whitney Whitney
  1. Whitney was removed from the house in episode 12 after kicking Amber during a physical altercation.


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  • She is the third bad girl to pass away. First ones being Linsey and Demitra.