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What Happens In Vegas, Airs On Television
Los Angeles
Season 3, Episode 8
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What Happens In Vegas, Airs On Television is the eighth episode of the third season of Bad Girls Club.


On the way back home, everyone including Ashley gets annoyed with the Ambers. The situation in the house gets tense. When the girls go out, Ashley doesn't find her purse and gets mad. Amber B. took her purse without letting her know, so Ashley lashes at her, which fuels the tension even more. Later, all the girls but Amber B. get sick, so she goes to buy them medicine. Because she is late, Sarah gets upset and blames it all on her, which results in scandal between the two. Meanwhile, Sarah gets closer with Noah and Ailea prefers Fazil to Kevin. Ashley gets to know that the Ambers had been gossiping about her, demolishing their friendship. At night, the girls go to a club to see the Steel Panthers, who invited the girls to their performance. In the midst of the performance, the Fab 5 get involved into a huge brawl in the crowd, getting kicked out eventually. Back at the house, the Fab 5 members decide to discover who was the center of all the gossips, and since Amber M. doesn't want to betray Amber B., the situation results in a huge confrontation.