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Welcome to Miami Beyotch
Season Five
Season 5, Episode 1
Air date August 3, 2010
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Welcome To Miami Beyotch is the fifth season debut of Bad Girls Club, this marks the season set in Miami, Florida. It debuted on August 3, 2010. 


Prior to moving in the Miami bad girls mansion, the seven self-proclaimed "bad girls" were all paired up before entering the house, which only occurred in previous seasons (season 1 and season 2), where the girls would first meet and then head out to the house.


While the six girls got to know each other and claimed their beds, Kristen approached the house last and entered a integration feeling. Erica quickly crawled under Kristen's skin, when she deemed on her voice and personality. This starts the drama between Kristen and Erica which resulted in them throwing drinks at each other. Later on in the episode, Dainelle exclaimed that she wanted to go to a local Miami; Florida night club called Play. The majority of the girls partied at "Play" while, Morgan and Catya decided not to go. Morgan felt because of the unpopularity of the club, and her dislikes towards the rest of the girls, she didn't want to be seen in public with them. Morgan and Catya began building a friendship. As the girls partied, Kristen began annoying the other girls with her actions which made the girls question their friendship with her. The next day, Catya, Morgan, and Kristen began dividing the house with their friendship and dominance, they later decided to go out to a night club in South Beach, Florida. As they did, the four remaining girls had a majority vote rule to back stab Morgan and throw her out of the house. When Morgan, Kristen, and Catya arrived to the mansion, they found Morgan's belongings on the porch and found out they were locked out of the house while Morgan tried to break the door down. Lea then unlocked the door and was quickly pushed back by Morgan and Catya as they ran through the house looking for whoever touched Morgan's personal belongings. When Morgan ran up the stairs, she immediately engaged in an altercation with Brandi, and Catya and Kristen jumped in to break up the fight, while Dainelle and Erica decide to help Brandi fight Morgan with Lea watching from above the stairs. Brandi, Danielle, and Erica then pulled Morgan's leg towards the ground as the girls began attacking Morgan.