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Oh, s*** wait, I did.
Valentina Anyanwu
Bad Girl Information
The Sexy Socialite
February 14, 1990
Hyattsville, Maryland
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 10: Atlanta
Bad Girls All-Star Battle: Season 2
28 episodes
Season 10
Alicia Samaan (formerly)
Jenniffer Hardwick
Nancy Denise
Paula Hellens (formerly)
Stephanie George
Season 10
Janae Bradford (formerly)
Nicky Vargas
Rocky Santiago (formerly)
Shannon Sarich
Bad Girls All-Star Battle, Season 2
Paula Hellens (former ally)
Stayed in the house in Season 10
Eliminated in All-Star Battle
Social Media

Valentina Anywanwu (also known as The Sexy Socialite and Valentina Amour) is an original bad girl on Season 10. She is from Hyattsville, MD and she is currently 34 years old. 


Season 10[]

Bad Girls

Episode 1 Episode 2-8 Episode 9-13 Episode 14
Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina
  1. Valentina made it to the end of the show.

Bad Girls All-Star Battle (season 2)[]

Bad Girls

Episode 1 Episode 2-4 Episode 5-7 Episode 8
Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina
  1. Valentina was eliminated in episode 8.


Opponents Episode
JanaeNickyVal Janae Houston Ho Down
JanaeAlicia10 Molly-Whopped
Nickyval Nicky The Girl Who Cried Mommy
Jennrocky7 Rocky Gone with The Weave
ValenShannon1 Shannon Between Rocky and A Hard Place
RockyHouse10 Rocky Rocky Like a Hurricane
ShannonValS10 Shannon BGC10: Reunion Part 1
Rockyval2 Rocky


  • Her full Nigerian name is Nwadiuto Esuru Anyanwu. 
  • Her family was upset after she did the show due to how Valentina was portrayed horribly as the antagonist along with Alicia for BGC10.
  • She and Alicia are no longer friends and even had an online feud.


Season 10[]

Spin Offs[]