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Bad Girls

Name Age Location Social Media Persona
Amanda Cerny 26 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania @amandacerny
Eleonora "Lele Pons" Maronese 21 Los Angeles, California @lelepons
Elizabeth "Cupcakke" Harris 21 Chicago, Illinois @cupcakkeafreakk
Jay'La "LaLa" Milan 28 Charleston, South Carolina @lalasizahands89
Khadijah "Khadi" Don 24 Grand Rapids, Michigan @khadi
Myha "Lovely Mimi" Loung 27 Washington, D.C @itslovelymimi
Summer "Summerella" Boissiere 22 Atlanta, Georgia @_summerella_

Replacement Bad Girls

Name Age Location Social Media Persona Replaced
Alexandra "Allicatt" Fitzgerald 24 Cleveland, Ohio @allicattt Amanda
Brittany Renner 26 Jackson, Mississippi @bundleofbrittany Elizabeth
Remi Cruz 23 Anaheim Hills, California @missremiashten Myha
Durrani Popal 28 San Francisco, California @durranipopal Brittany


Bad Girl Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Eleonora FEAT
Khadijah FEAT
Summer FEAT
Alexandra REP. FEAT
Durrani REP. FEAT
Brittany REP. FEAT REM.
Elizabeth FEAT REM.

  • Amanda voluntarily leaves the house in episode 2 after multiple arguments and altercations with Eleonora, Elizabeth and Myha.
  • Alexandra replaces Amanda in episode 3.
  • Elizabeth is removed from the house in episode 5 after a physical altercation with Jay'La.
  • Brittany replaces Elizabeth in episode 5.
  • Myha is removed from the house in episode 9 after a physical altercation with Alexandra, Brittany and Eleonora.
  • Brittany is removed from the house in episode 9 after instigating the altercation between Myha, Alexandra, Brittany and Eleonora.
  • Remi and Durrani replaced Myha and Brittany in episode 9.
  • Jay'La is removed from the house in episode 13 after a physical altercation with Eleonora.


No. in
Title Original air
1 "@bitchdontkillmyvibe"

While six of the seven girls immediately clique, the seventh girl Amanda brings tension. Lele and Amanda's social media feud and estranged friendship before the show forces most of the girls to mediate. LaLa and Khadi become annoyed by Cupcakke's oversexual tactics. Summer and Cupcakke, meanwhile, develop a friendship. Amanda tries to confront Lele about their beef, but Mimi comes to her defense, leading into a physical altercation. 

2 "@comicrelief"

After one bad girl makes an early departure, the atmosphere in the house becomes tight-knit, despite tensions between LaLa and Cupcakke. Khadi and Summer make an Instagram post that goes viral. Lele, Cupcakke and Mimi's friendship takes a toll on LaLa, who believes that they are too ratchet for the house.

  • Amanda voluntarily leaves the house.
3 "@the_fab_three" July 22, 2014

When Lele, Cupcakke, and Mimi's clique takes over the bad girl house by storm, LaLa, Khadi and Summer distance themselves in order to focus on their platforms. Cupcakke brings a random guy in the house and is convinced to make a sex tape with him, but the idea forces LaLa to confront her. Meanwhile, the girls meet their new roommate AlliCattt, who is a close firend of Lele's. Particularly, this sparks more tension between the house divide.

  • Alexandra replaces Amanda.
4 "@bobandweave" July 29, 2014

As the house divide progresses, LaLa and Cupcakke's feud gets intense. However, Khadi and Summer try to bridge the gap between the cliques in order for both sides to survive in the house in a civil manner. Mimi, however, makes a rude comment about black girl's hair and it causes Summer, even LaLa and Alli, to retailiate. Lele's boyfriend pays the house a visit.

5 "@thelastcupcakke" August 6, 2014

Cupcakke reaches her breaking point with LaLa, who continues to belittle her for her music and behavior, and a huge brawl causes her to leave. Meanwhile, Mimi becomes the latest target in The Fab Two after her racial comments become the center of attention. LaLa's best friend Kway pays the house a visit. Summer focuses on her first music album. Finally, the new roommate sparks drama in the house.

  • Elizabeth is removed from the house.
  • Brittany replaces Elizabeth.
6 "@bundleofbrawls" August 13, 2014

New girl Brittany wreaks havoc in the house between 

7 "@followers" August 20, 2013
8 "@discrimi_nation" September 4, 2014
9 "@condimentsandchaos" September 11, 2014
While Tamber's friendship with Joi develops, it immediately falls off when Joi makes an offensive comment, and a fight escalates. Carina's friendship with Jamie takes a turn when Carina starts sucking up to Melanie, rekindling their friendship in the house in the past, and Kristina seems to dislike it, based on her night with Mel.
10 "@bitchesinbeaches" September 18, 2014
When Joi starts to realize the true colors of the girls, due to a phone call with former bad girl, Shanelle, things start to take a horrid turn. Tamber takes a new step in trying to take Joi out of the house, while Jamie and Carina get into an argument. 
11 "@thenexttarget" September 25, 2014
When the girls head to Miami for a vacation away from the house, new girl Taylor joins in, but is already ostracized. Meanwhile, Carina starts to realize that her mistakes in the house lead to many consequences, and Tamber and Kristina are chosen for a fashion competition. 
12 "Leave it to Jamie" October 2, 2014
Taylor and Ashleigh's rivalry develops gradually in the house, when Jamie tries to start a fight to test the new girl's skills. Carina and Melanie's friendship angers Kristina, and she confronts her about her flip-flopping ways. 
13 "The Wild Child" October 9, 2014
Taylor's drinking behavior rubs Ashleigh the wrong way, but Taylor's breaking point is already set. Jamie feels Carina is flip-flopping, and Tamber's brother takes a visit. 
14 "Bad Girl Schemin' and L.A. Dreamin'" October 16, 2014
Jamie schemes to get her former sidekick, Carina out of the house, and Taylor's days are numbered by Ashleigh, who is attacked with a bang. The girls' last days in the house are also numbered as they all give their goodbyes, and two decides to stay in L.A.
15 Reunion, Part 1 October 23, 2014