Bad Girl   Original Season   Team Finish  
Seven Craft Season 17: East Meets West Winner
Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin Season 16: Social Disruption Runner-Up
Jazmyn "Jaz" Wallace Season 15: Twisted Sisters Third place
Ashley King Season 6: Back to L.A. Fourth place
Jelaminah Lanier Season 14 5th place
Loren Jordan Season 12: Chicago 6th place
Rima Mellal Season 13: Redemption 7th place
Milyn Jensen Season 11: Miami 8th place
Kailie Lima Season 16: Social Disruption 9th place
Stephanie Rivera Season 11: Miami 10th place
Ad'Ryan "Ryan" Jones Season 16: Social Disruption 11th place
Jaimee Wallace Season 15: Twisted Sisters 12th place
Sayyora Badalbaeva Season 17: East Meets West 11th place
Gia Sapp-Hernandez Season 8: Las Vegas 14th place
JazMone Adams Season 11: Miami 15th place
GiGi Lopez Season 11: Miami 16th place
Asia Jeudy Season 15: Twisted Sisters 17th place
Dalila Ortiz Season 12: Chicago 18th place
Susan Shermann Season 17: East Meets West 19th place
Kaila "Winter" Wilkey Season 16: Social Disruption 20th place


20 of the BADDEST bad girls in history competing in an all out intense battle. Unlike the past two season the bad girls will have to face off in a physical elimination to see who stays in the game. The winning player of at the Captains Challenge will be safe for elimination while all the other girls can be chosen at any moment. The losing team at the Team Challenge will have to pick two of their players to face off in elimination for their right to stay in the game. 

Season Twist

This is the first season to have elimination rounds where the losing team votes in two players from their team to face off for their chance back into the game. After the first six elimation round, the first six eliminated girls will fight for a chance to get back into the game in an intense elimination round where ONLY one girl will make it back into the All Star house.