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  • I was born on March 30
  • My occupation is Fanfic Writer, Chat Moderator, Member of the Ultimate Glee Society
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  • ClevanOTP

    Hello, I'm Trae. I'm the founder and bureaucrat of the Bad Girls Club wiki. So far, pages and the wiki has been really great throughout, however, it seems as if it's too much on me and partner Puffles Rule's hands. So, we would definitely appreciate if any users who are on here could participate in being part of our BGC Team.

    On the BGC Team, you are able to update any bad girls pages or other pages. As part of the team, you must keep a look out on others who break the rules: people who vandalize, people who spam or use profanity, you must contact either me or Puffles to deal with the issue.

    Editing pages, it doesn't mean changing everything around and all, it's just updating things. I am expecting also to make chart tables for the bad girls…

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  • ClevanOTP

    Oh, no, no, I was trying to see what happened to the slider, sorry, because for my wiki, I wasn't able to see it, I think my wiki's kind of glitchy, somehow for me.

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