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    BGC10 New Jersey

    May 31, 2012 by BGCMaverik



    State: Los Angeles, California

    Nationality: Dominican

    Nickname: The Loud Bitch

    Apearence: Brown short and Silky Hair, Brown Eyes. Light brown skin, about 5"9. Skinny

    Bio: Annalease moved from Dominican Republic when she was 15 year old. In Dominican Republic she got into fights daily with other girls at her school. One day after getting into numerous amounts of fights she got expelled. Her and her mom moved to the United states hoping they could escape Annalease's past. She decided to take it down a notch and not get into fights with anyone. For the past years she has not gotten into fights with many girls and has turned into a better person. But will the bad girls club bring out the Annalease that everyone will fear.



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