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Bad girls club fights that were not aired for various reasons, some of these confirmed or others that are just speculation or rumors

Season Fights Comments
Season 5: Miami Kayleigh vs. Random Kayleigh got into a fight in a restaurant with an outsider. A random girl attacked and ripped Kayleigh's hair out. This led to Kayleigh trying to get back at the girl and a brawl broke out, Kayleigh was then dragged out by security. The fight happened when the cameras were down, this means the fight may not have been filmed. That was confirmed by Kristen
Beach Girls vs. Catya, Lea & Kristen (Round 2) A clip of this fight is shown in the trailer and the reason for not show the

fight is because it was very brutal.

Morgan vs. Lea (Reunion) That not was confirmed, its only a rumor. Some persons says it was a physical fight and other says its only an argument.
Season 6: Hollywood Lauren vs. Jessica (Round 2) This fight was supposed to happen on the stairs and its not shown on tv because it was very brutal.
Nikki vs. Wilmarie

(Round 4)

That not was confirmed, its only a rumor.
Season 7: New Orleans Angie vs. Judi (Round 3) This fight happen after a argument between Judi and Shelly. Angie jumps in the argument and pulls judi`s hair on the floor, this happen outside Shelly`s room. the fight was shown in the trailer.
Nastasia vs. Priscilla That not was confirmed, but both fights were not shown due to the affecting of the storyline of the season. But a part of the Judi vs. Tasha fight is seen in a promo.
Judi vs. Tasha
Season 8: Las Vegas Erica vs. Dani and Gabi That not was confirmed, its only a rumor.
Erica vs. Jenna That not was confirmed, its only a rumor. Allegedly in the reunion Jenna stand up and slaps Erica`s face, the fight was immediately breaks up by security.
Season 9: Mexico Andrea vs. Ashley

(Round 3)

This fight allegedly happen inmediately after the other two rounds, its unknown the reason for what the fight was cutted off.
Zuly vs. Random That not was confirmed, its only a rumor.
Season 10: Atlanta Raquel vs. Jenniffer and Valentina (Round 2) That not was confirmed, its only a rumor.
Season 11: Miami Sarah vs. JazMone This fight happen the night sarah gets jumped. Sarah and Jaz fight one and one. So many clips were shown in promos and the official trailer of the season.
Andrea vs. Club Girls That not was confirmed, its only a rumor. And this is supposedly the real reason why Andrea leaves the house.
Season 12: Chicago Aysia vs. Loren and Redd That not was confirmed, its only a rumor. This was not confirmed by Redd as she said on her YouTube Channel that there was no unaired fights on her season from what she knows about at the very least.
Season 13: Redemption Jada vs. Sarah

(Round 1 & 2)

That fights have shown clip in the trailer. Also Sarah confirmed this in an interview, This fight happens moments before of the fights between Sarah and Raquel. Jada has a mark on her forehead and her hair was messy, proving the veracity of the fights.
Season 14: Back for More Tina and Lauren vs. Jelaminah and The Clermont Twins This fight was edited and make like an altercation between Tina and The Clemont Twins, but in the trailer there is a clip of Jela and the twins running to swing in the kitchen to the same direction of Tina and Lauren were.
Jelaminah vs Jenna (Round 3) This fight was confirmed in the show after Jenna tells to the life coach, she had three fights with Jela. Allegedly the fight is not shown because the cameras were down in that moment.
Season 15: Twisted Sisters Jaimee vs. Audience Member (Reunion) That not was confirmed, its only a rumor. Allegedly that happen after the fight between Jaz and Jaimee vs. Angela and Kristina. When the Babicz sisters are escorted to their backstage room. An audience member stands up searching for a fight with Jaimee. Supposedly the reason because the Wallace sisters are kicked out of the reunion.
Season 16: Social Disruption Brynesha vs. Zee

(Round 4)

That not was confirmed, its only a rumor. Allegedly after this round Brynesha threated Zee to drag her when she sleep, in answer of that a security guard sit outsides Zee`s room for the night.