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Tyla "Ty" Colliers is an original bad girl on Season 1. Ty was 25 and resided in Atlanta, Georgia during filming.


Ty Colliers is a 25-year-old "hustler" who has made a living dancing in adult clubs and running pool tables. Growing up in foster care, Ty learned from a very young age to depend on herself for survival. Ty even did some jail time as a juvenile after running away from a home she was placed in. Underneath her "tough girl" exterior, Ty aspires to be a positive influence to girls who have struggled as she did - to let them know they are not alone. Ty is also an aspiring songwriter and is working on her autobiography called "Love Me or Hate Me."


Season 1: Los Angeles

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  1. Ty is removed from the show in episode 9 after a physical altercation with Aimee.
  2. Ty is replaced by Joanna in episode 16.


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