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Tiffany Davis
Bad Girl Information
The Warden
March 29, 1984
Chicago, Illinois
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 3
14 episodes
Ashley Weaver
Sarah Michaels
Whitney Collings
Ailea Carr
Amber Meade
Amber Buhl
Amber Meade (formerly)
Kayla Carter
Fab 5
Stayed in the house in Season 3
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Tiffany Torrence-Davis (also known as The Warden) is a original bad girl on Season 3. Tiffany is currently 39 and she resides in Chicago, Illinois.


Tiffany Torrence-Davis is from the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. Tiffany is a self-proclaimed hustler. Tiff is largely supported by various sugar daddies in her life. But Davis also has a heart of gold. She will give you the shirt off her back, but if disrespected, things will get ugly. Tiffany Torrence Davis is sure to butt heads with other girls in Bad Girls Club.


Season 3[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-5 Episode 6-9 Episode 10-11 Episode 12
Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany
  1. Tiffany made it to the end of the show.


Image Opponents Episode
AmberHouse2 Amber Make A Run For The Border
TiffanyAmber All`s Bad Ends Bad


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