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Tiara vs. Tasha
Season 7: New Orleans
Between Tiara Hodge and Tasha Malek
Number of Fights 2


Round 1

After noticing that Tiara is basically trying to steal Tasha's man away from her, Tasha comes to Tiara's room to confront her and calls her fake and then Tiara says she don't give a f*ck and then Tiara asks why is she mad and Tasha claims it is because she thinks that Tiara is fake and then they both tell each other not to put their hands on each other but then Tiara eventually side-punches Tasha on the face and as Tasha attempts to swing back, Her punch is blocked and put down by Tiara and then as Angie, Priscilla and Shelly try to break the two apart from each other, Tiara snatches Tasha aggressively by her hair but then they both get pulled away from each other and the two continue to argue with each other but cannot get to each other as they are blocked by the girls from fighting each other and the fight ends there.

Winner: Tiara

Round 2


As Tasha tells Tiara that she is going to Jump in between Judi and Priscilla's Round 2 by kicking Judi, Tiara is not going to let her girl Judi get jumped so she mushes/slaps Tasha's face back and then as security grabs and pulls the two away from each other, Tasha grabs Tiara's arm and moves her further back from her that way she cannot get to her and them two stop fighting each other from there.

Winner: Tiara