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Tiara vs. Angie
Season 7: New Orleans
Between Tiara Hodge and Angie Castillo
Number of Fights 3


Round 1

After Angie and Shelly return the next day from prison after their physical altercation the night before with Team Real in the limo then outside in public, Angie and Shelly return to the house and find out that not only their pictures being knocked down onto the floor but their bed mattresses being flipped and pushed over to the side making a mess done by Stasi and then Angie goes to Tiara's and Stasi's bedroom to confront Team Real on who touched hers and Shelly's bed then Tiara asks her if she wants to come to see her and then Angie yells "You wanna f*ck with my shit" and then the 2 fight with them both yanking on each other's hair but then Tiara flips Angie onto the floor and as Angie is falling onto the floor, Tiara punches her on the face and then as they both try to grab and hit each other, Stasi and Shelly pull them apart and Round 1 ends there for now until another heated argument and then Round 2 happens.

Winner: Tiara


Round 2

After Round 1 between Angie and Tiara, round 2 begins with Tiara pushing the hell out of Angie's face and her head bounces of back the wall and then as Stasi moves Tiara back, Angie chases after her in her bedroom and then the two start pulling each other's hair, and they also hit each other in the face once and then one of the producers pulls away Tiara whilst Shelly pulls away Angie and the fight ends there.

Winner: Tie


Round 3

After Tiara over-hears Angie talking about her, Tiara stands up to confront her and the 2 eventually fight with Tiara hitting Angie first by Scratching her on the face then Angie swings on her back even harder and also scratches Tiara on her head then Tiara scratches Angie again but then Tiara slips onto the floor as Angie repeatedly punches Tiara's head then misses one of her punches and ends up hitting Tiara's hair. Tiara gets back up as she is yanking on Angie's hair with one hand and with the other hand she scratches her underneath her eye whilst Angie repeatedly punches Tiara then lands a punch on Angie's forehead and she tries to continue to punch Angie, Stasi stops them from fighting

Winner: Angie