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The Tipping Point
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Season 3, Episode 5
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The Tipping Point is the fifth episode of the third season of Bad Girls Club. This episode marks Bad Girl Kayla Carter's final appearance.


The girls head to a lingerie shop to give away leaflets in underwear for money. Kayla is low on money so she wants to by any means earn as much as she can and she is buying extra underwear for a bonus. Amber M. decides to get the bonus herself so she pays more, depriving Kayla of it and upsetting her. In the evening, the girls go out. The Ambers get into an altercation with locals in a bathroom and tell the girls about it. This escalates into a huge street fight. Tiffany gets especially mad and shouts at the enemies from the top of the limo. Embarassed by her behavior later on, Tiffany vows to never act like that anymore. Influenced by the latest events, the girls want no more drama. Therefore, Whitney, Tiffany, Sarah and Ailea go to a bar to have fun, while the Ambers and Kayla go to a quiet restaurant. Drama doesn't let the latter move around, though, because Kayla refuses to give a lot of tips. Amber M. and Kayla argue and consequently fight in the car, making Amber B. pull over. The fight goes on outside, involving the girls even choking each other. At home, the girls start discussing the situation, but Kayla, having no will to stay in the house anymore, leaves.


  • Kayla and Amber B.