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The Summons Incident occurred in Season 7 after the physical altercation between Tasha Malek and Nastasia Townsend.


On April 12, 2011, Tasha complained to an on-duty police officer outside the house about the conduct of Nastasia. She claimed that Nastasia had placed her personal belongings into a garbage bag, telling her "she needed to leave the house", and that the incident had escalated into a fight. The two were later issued summonses by the police for disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct.

Before the Summons[]

Tensions had finally reached the highest point between Tasha and Stasi. Tasha is seen going the closet were Stasi was and the two began to argue. Stasi is seen somewhat pushing Tasha around which Tasha began swinging. Tasha begins to scratch Stasi on her cheek. Stasi punches Tasha repeatedly. Tasha threatens Stasi that she was going to call the cops on her and see that she got arrested. Stasi reacted by yelling that she was on the bad girls club.


Tasha was removed from the house afterwards for causing physical harm to Stasi.


  • Tasha and Nastasia are the only bad girls to have been charged with anything. The charges were eventually dropped.