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The Queens of Key West
Bad Girls Club: Miami II
Season 11, Episode 6
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Air date September 17, 2013
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The Bullyguard

The Queens of Key West is the sixth episode of Season 11 of Bad Girls Club. It is to premiere on September 17, 2013.


Gina's friends got her a V.I.P. section with her and all of her friends. Janelle appears to be in the section. Gina told Janelle to get out of her section. Janelle refused and just sat there, still in the section. When they got back home, Gina approached Janelle. When Gina was done with all of her yelling, she almost left out the room until Janelle punched her from behind. Gina ran back inside the room and fight Janelle. Soon as they started to fight, Shanae tried to break it up. When it was broken up, Teresa grabbed Janelle's hair. Janelle kicked Teresa and Teresa kicked Janelle, 2 times. The fight was broken up and Tiana tried to go at Janelle, but was held back. JazMone tried to hit Janelle, but was also held back. Janelle was sent to a hotel that night

The next morning, the producers sent home Teresa for kicking Janelle, centimeters from her eye. Teresa packed her things and left.

About 1 day later, two drag queens entered the gate to the Bad Girls House. They made it into the house to tell the girls that they are going to KEY WEST!! The girls got excited! They went to Key West and walked into their house. After the house, they went to a place where we were introduced to Kyle. Kyle is also Ms. Deja. The Bad Girls were going to be apart of a drag queen contest. The winning team gets $250 cash. The teams are GINA & JAZMONE, SHANAE & TIANA, & STEPHANIE & JANELLE. Stephanie doesn't really want to be with Janelle, but she wants to put the drama aside and asks that Janelle helps her win the money. They got money from Kyle and all went to the store to buy some clothes for the drag queen contest. After shopping, they went out to eat. Janelle doesn't like the kind of shrimp they gave her so she just doesn't eat it. Later that night, the went to the drag queen performance. Stephanie and Janelle won the $250. The next day, the girls headed home. Tiana and Gina are not over Janelle. They said that its back in buisness. Then, the limo in Miami, pulls up to the house and the new girl is here. TO BE CONTINUED...............(you won't see the new girl unil next episode!)