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The Pretty Girl Gang or PGG or the Real Bad Bitches are the ladies who removed or left in Season 9 who came back in the season finale to start a fight with the original 4. They ran most of the reunion by winning their arguments and winning their fights. Their known victim is Julie who got beat up by everybody in the group. They were all sent home on the account of Rima except for Andrea, however Andrea was jumped by every other girl in the house other than Zuly...Including Rima but ultimately won the jumping without any automatic jumping rules


All 4 of the bad bitches were all done dirty by at least 2 of the orignials.

Mehgan and Andrea were beefing throughout their time inside and outside of the house despite them being in the same clique

Erika found Andrea annoying even though Andrea was Erika's replacement

Erika left First, Christina Second, Mehgan Third and Andrea Fourth

Mehgan wished that she could've connected with Christina in the house more

Christina and Andrea were closer to each other while Mehgan and Erika are closer

Andrea is the least appreciated of the group and the most underrated

All of them fought Rima

Mehgan fought two people at the same time which were Rima and Falen and won without struggle. Christina struggled with all she fought but ultimately won all of her fights. Andrea fought four people at the same time and won and she fought someone twice her size.. winning all three rounds and Erika won both of her fights effortlessly

Andrea's clothes were destroyed by being thrown in the ocean,out on the highway and more much like Clerminah's treatment but there was not much sympathy for her

Each member has also gotten into a fight with Julie

Erika and Christina were both sent home due to fighting while Andrea voluntarily left the house after being jumped and Mehgan voluntarily left the house after the fight with Rima and Falen

Erika, Mehgan and Christina were all featured in BGC Spin-offs. Erika starred in Bad Girls All-Star Battle (Season 1), Mehgan starred in both seasons of Bad Girls All-Star Battle and Christina starred in Baddies ATL.