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The Cookie Crumbles
Los Angeles
Season 3, Episode 12
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The Cookie Crumbles is the twelfth episode of the third season of Bad Girls Club. This marks the final appearance of both Whitney Collings and Ailea Carr.


Amber M. gets back to the hotel in pain and gets another room to settle in. The Fab 5 return home shortly after and look for Amber everywhere, but she is nowhere to be found. Whitney is still stuck on the notion of taking care of her business. Tiffany is the only person who seems not to be fond of her actions. The next day, Amber M. is consulted by a doctor, who prescribes her pills. The situation is not left unattended and the police appear to talk to Ailea about what went down. Amber M. is also invited to give evidence, and she points out Whitney as the instigator of the fight. The police officer recommends Whitney to leave the country so charges are not pressed. In before she does anything, The Bad Girls Club producer comes up to her and decides that she must leave the show. Whitney leaves, and the girls go to supper out later on. Amber M. cannot forget the other girls' actions and excuses herself from the dinner. Amber B. and Tiffany follow her to the hotel. They convince her to have a good time during the remaining time in Cancun. When the girls get back, a house meeting is held because Tiffany doesn't feel like Ailea deserves to be on the show anymore as she kicked Amber and got away with that. Ailea confesses to her feelings and asks Amber whether she wants her in the house anymore or no. Amber M. says no and sends Ailea packing.