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Marsh Vs. Tesehki
Baddies East
Between Latifa "Tesehki" Malone and Marchinee "Marsh" Lewis
Number of Fights 1

Marsh Vs. Tesehki are the physical altercation between Marchinee "Marsh" Lewis with Latifa "Tesehki" Malone on the Fourth season of Baddies.


After jumping Tesehki outside the club the night prior, Marsh and Janet return for a one-on-one altercation with her outside the Baddies’ house in which Janet steps aside and enables Marsh to start first on Tesehki. Marsh and Tesehki square up and gradually go in circles whilst Tesehki throws false punches at Marsh. Marsh then throws hits at her face, but they don’t connect as Tesehki keeps her distance and in the process, stumbles aback slightly. Tesehki then begins throwing both right and left hooks back and forth at Marsh, before she grabs her by her hair and tosses her to the ground whilst repetitively punching her until they are separated by security leaving Marsh with five knots and her mouth bleeding.

Winner: Tesehki