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Teresa vs. Stephanie & JazMone
Season 11: Miami
Between Teresa Bordeaux, Stephanie Rivera and JazMone Adams

Teresa vs. Stephanie & JazMone is the physical altercation between Teresa Bordeaux, JazMone Adams and Stephanie Rivera in the eleventh season of Bad Girls Club. 


As Teresa deals with her issues with her ex-boyfriend, A.R., she makes a lot of the girls uncomfortable with her drunken, unusual behavior at a nightclub where she dances on a guy sexually and inappropriately. But, Teresa mentally and emotionally breaks down at the limo, and as she yells out that she wants to go home, some of the girls try to calm her down. Teresa, afterwards, gets angry when she hears someone laughing, to which is Stephanie but before she fights her, she swings on JazMone then she physically fights Stephanie in the limo by punching her on the face and Stephanie also swings back on her head only to be punched again on the face before security and the girls pull them apart from each other but then Later on, Teresa apologizes the next morning to Stephanie.

Winner: Teresa