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Tee Vs. Scarface
Baddies East
Between Tamera "Tee" Kissen and Etheria "Scarface" Ruffin
Number of Fights 2

Scarface Vs. Tee are the physical altercations between Etheria "Scarface" Ruffin and Tamera "Tee" Kissen on the Fourth season of Baddies.


Round 1[]

During the visit to the GoKart track, the girls are enthusiastic about the GoKarting course except for Tee who feels too ill to participate with the other girls. Natalie discusses Tee’s attitude to House A, resulting in Rollie confronting Tee who tells her if she doesn’t feel well then why bother attending. Scarface whilst looking at Tee, gets a dirty look back returned to her from Tee and Scarface confronts her for staring. This results in a short squabble before Scarface runs up on her and Tee takes off her handbag. Scarface punches Tee in the head whilst Tee pulls her to the left, resulting in Scarface’s wig falling off and Scarface continues to swing and miss before being separated by security.

Winner: Scarface

Round 2[]


The next day, Tee returns from the hotel being in a bubblier mood and greets everybody whilst Biggie and Rollie still are brawling. Scarface sarcastically asks Tee if she’s on crack and Tee makes a yo mama joke about Scarface resulting in Scarface trailing gradually towards Tee and swinging on her. Both throw tough blows, but Scarface’s are heavier and Scarface pulls off Tee's wig before security breaks up the fight with Scarface trying to swing through security.

Winner: Scarface