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Tee Vs. Rollie
Baddies East (Season 4)
Between Gia "Rollie" Mayham and Tamera "Tee" Kissen
Number of Fights 1

Rollie Vs. Tee is the physical altercation between Gia "Rollie" Mayham and Tamera "Tee" Kissen on the Fourth season of Baddies.


After her fight with both Scarface and Scotty, Rollie continues to pick on Tee, yelling at her, telling she needs to leave the house so that a replacement can come. Tired of Rollie's screams, Tee decides to stand against Rollie, to which Rollie responds with a failed hit which Tee's first hit fails anyway. Rollie charges at Tee and hits her 2-3 times before Tee snatches Rollie's wig off and they are pulled away by security.

Winner: Tie