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Team Real is a clique featured in Season 7: New Orleans including Angie Castillo, Judi Jai, Nastasia Townsend, and Tiara Hodge. Eventually, Angie became an associate and left the clique in favor of Team Clean. The clique lasted throughout the season.


Team Real first developed in the third episode, A Tale of Two Cliques. Prior to the house initially attempting to get Judi out of the house due to her drunk behavior and her feuds with Shelly, Stasi has a change of heart and gives her a chance to change her ways. Judi also makes amends with Angie and Tiara after a verbal altercation (although they were first close prior to meeting). The development of Team Real led to a clear divide in the house between Judi, Nastasia, Tiara and Angie, and Shelly, Priscilla, and Tasha (Team Clean).

Shelly becomes angered by Nastasia making amends with Judi, who she continues to bully with Team Clean. However, Judi slowly finds herself at odds with both cliques when Priscilla and Tasha manipulate her into believing that they like her. This causes friction with Judi and Tiara when she confronts her group for making her feel like an outcast prior to her alcoholic behavior. Throughout, Nastasia poses as a mother figure to Judi.

Angie gradually exits the clique and associates with Team Clean after a public altercation with Nastasia and Tiara. After Shelly throws a drink at Judi, she throws a drink back and it hits Angie, and she throws it at Nastasia. The fight worsens outside and leads to Angie and Shelly getting arrested. Back at home, Nastasia topples over Angie and Shelly's beds, and Tiara and Angie get into multiple altercations. Their friendship turns sour, leaving Judi, Nastasia and Tiara as the remaining members of Team Real.

Despite Nastasia's weariness of Judi's behavior, the three remain a unit until Nastasia is removed for a physical altercation with Shelly.

Duration of Team Real[]

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  • After the show, Tiara, Nastasia, Judi, and Angie remain on good terms.
  • Team Real is considered one of the fan-favorite cliques in the series, while Tiara became a singular fan-favorite of the season.
  • It is the first season that comprises of women of color.