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Team Jump-A-Hoe
Clique Information
Valentina Anyanwu (Leader)
Alicia Samaan (Co-Leader)
Paula Hellens
Stephanie George
Jenniffer "Jenn" Hardwick
Nicole "Nicky" Vargas (friends with Paula)
Nancy Denise
Southern Discomfort
BGC10: Reunion Part 3

Team Jump-A-Hoe (or Team Valentina) is a clique from Season 10: Atlanta who is best known for feuding with fellow clique, ShanRock. The clique frequently jumped into each other's fights and bullied other roommates like Janae Bradford, Raquel "Rocky" Santiago, and Shannon Sarich. The clique initially consisted of Alicia Samaan, Valentina Anyanwu, Paula Hellens, and Stephanie George before adding Jenniffer "Jenn" Hardwick and Nancy Denise later on in the season.

Group History[]

The clique first forms in the Season 10 premiere. At first, all of the girls in the house bond but they all quickly turn on Janae for being a sloppy drunk and jump and kick her out of the house in Episode 3. The group would eventually turn on Shannon (Alicia and Valentina's on and off friend) for making an offensive racial remark about Valentina. The girls would then turn on Nicky for standing up to them for bullying Janae, despite being close friends with Paula. This leads to Nicky getting into multiple altercations with Valentina.

Jenniffer enters the house to replace Janae in Episode 4 and is immediately welcomed into the group. Nicole voluntarily leaves the house in the same episode, and Rocky enters the house to replace her in Episode 5. Here, Jenn and Rocky form a rivalry, stemming from Rocky eating Jenn's hot-pocket without her permission. Jenn is pissed and the two get into multiple altercations. The rest of the clique turn on ShanRock and outcast them from the house. The main 5 exclude Shannon and Rocky from most of their daily activities, except for going out at the club. In Episode 8, Jenn and Rocky get into another altercation with Valentina trying to jump in, but this time the producers decide to send Jenn home. The rest of the group are saddened that Jenn has to go home and are completely uninterested in having another new roomate.

Nancy enters the house to replace Jenniffer in Episode 9 and doesn't exactly get the warmest welcome from the OG 4. They think of her as ratchet and ghetto and don't make much of an effort to get to know her. However, after hearing that Rocky and Shannon have been telling her about the previous jumpings in the house which pisses them off. Alicia and Valentina manipulate Nancy and convince her that Rocky and Shannon are not to be trusted and that they laugh about her behind her back. In Episode 12, Alicia, Valentina and Nancy confront Rocky and Shannon for talking about Nancy behind her back. The confrontation leads to an altercation in which Alicia and Valentina jump Rocky, while Nancy restrains Shannon.

In the season finale, most of the drama has settled and the girls are pretty cool with Rocky and Shannon now. Alicia however still has resentment towards Rocky for attacking her as revenge for jumping her back in Episode 12. Alicia sneak attacks Rocky while she's sitting down, leading to Alicia being removed from the house. Everyone in the clique is pissed, especially Valentina who wanted Alicia to be with her at the very end. This causes a rift between Alicia and Valentina, at least until the reunion.

Duration of Clique[]

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  • Jenn and Paula returned to the BGC franchise for All-Star Battle 1 which aired right after their season.
  • Alicia, Valentina, Stephanie and Nancy all returned for All-Star Battle 2, with Paula returning as well as a veteran competitor.
  • Nancy had fallen out with Alicia before the Season 10 reunion over her feeling as if Alicia was fake.
  • Alicia and Valentina had also fallen out before the events of All-Star Battle 2. In a deleted clip, Alicia explains that Valentina had been talking sh*t about her after her departure from the house back in Season 10, to which Paula and Stephanie call her out for.
  • Paula has appeared to have fallen out with Valentina and Stephanie for voting against her, leading to her elimination on All-Star Battle 2. Paula and Valentina have seemingly reconciled through social media, but it is unknown if she and Stephanie are cool.
  • Every member returned for All Star Battle.
  • Jenn is the only member that didn't compete on All-Star Battle 2, actually winning All-Star Battle 1 the year prior.
  • Jenn and Paula remain close friends to this day.


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