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Team Clean is a clique featured in Season 7: New Orleans including Priscilla Mennella, Shelly Hickman and Tasha Malek. Angie Castillo associated with the clique later in the season. The clique didn't last throughout the season prior to Priscilla and Tasha's removal from the house.


Team Clean particularly developed in a way to antagonize Judi Jai, due to not liking her and wanting her out of the house. Once Judi moved towards Angie, Nastasia, and Tiara, Shelly realized the divide and relied on Priscilla and Tasha instead. This furthered the divide once Team Clean began making plans or doing things to irritate Team Clean, sparking multiple altercations and tensions among the house. Team Clean also attempted to pick on Judi and manipulate her into question her friendship with the other girls.

Meanwhile, within the clique, Shelly questioned her friendship with Priscilla and Tasha due to their homophobic remarks towards her and in general.

Angie became a close associate with Team Clean, especially Shelly, and the new divide sparked an altercation between Team Clean and Team Real and ending Team Real's friendship with Angie. Despite Angie's independent mindset, she affiliated with Team Clean throughout. Priscilla was removed from the house after a physical altercation with Judi. Tasha was also removed from the house after a physical altercation with Nastasia and calling the police to file a report.

Duration of Team Clean[]

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  • After the show, Priscilla and Shelly are the only ones that remain on good terms.