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Tanisha vs. Jennavecia
Season 2
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Between Tanisha Thomas and Jennavecia Russo
Number of Fights 1

Tanisha vs. Jennavecia is the physical altercation between Tanisha Thomas and Jennavecia Russo in Season 2 of Bad Girls Club. The two were at risk of being sent home after the fight. 


Tanisha and Jennavecia's strong rivalry became based on the numerous prank wars between the "Hyenas," consisting of Tanisha, Neveen, and Hanna, and the "Party Girls," who are Jennavecia, Darlen, and Cordelia. After an incident with Jennavecia putting hot sauce in Tanisha's juice, Tanisha is immediately infuriated, and wants Jennavecia to buy juice for her. Jennavecia, more resistant of doing this, is confronted face to face outside by Tanisha to buy the juice, leading into a argument. The two swipe each other’s wrist with Tanisha telling Jennavecia to get out of her face when Jennavecia unexpectedly hitting Tanisha. Tanisha grabs Jennavecia by her hair, dragging her while throwing multiple punches to her head. Tanisha somewhat throws her a bit to the side with them getting separated by Darlen and Neveen, this gives Jennavecia the opportunity to punch Tanisha on her forehead though she wasn’t really fazed by it.

Winner: Tanisha



BGC2 - Jenevicia Vs Tanisha (Unedited)