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Tanisha Thomas
Bad Girl Information
August 28, 1985
Brooklyn, New York
Bad Girls Club Appearances
As bad girl:
Season 2
As guest:
Season 3
Season 5: Miami (Top 10 OMGs)
Season 6: Hollywood
As host:
Season 8: Las Vegas
Season 9: Mexico
Season 10: Atlanta
Season 11: Miami
Season 12: Chicago
Season 13: Redemption
Season 14: Back For More
Season 15: Twisted Sisters
Season 16: Social Disruption
Season 17: East Meets West
Tanisha Gets Married
As host:
Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too
Bad Girls All-Star Battle
As bad girl, executive producer:
Baddies ATL
93 episodes
Season 2
Hanna Thompson
Neveen Ismail
Tanisha Gets Married
Flo Kaja
Baddies ATL
Natalie Nunn (frenemies)
Season 2
Cordelia Carlisle
Darlen Escobar
Jennavecia Russo
Lyric Greene
Adryan Jones
Baddies ATL
Mehgan James
Sarah Oliver
Sidney Starr
The Hyena Sisters
Remained in house in Season 2
Remained in the series Baddies ATL
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Get off my stage! Get off b*tch!

Tanisha Thomas is an original bad girl on Season 2. Tanisha is currently 36 years old and she resides in Brooklyn, New York.


Tanisha Thomas is the hilarious, larger-than-life Brooklynite who was first introduced to television audiences in 2008 as a cast member in Oxygen’s "Bad Girls Club." She quickly became the show’s number-one fan favorite and went on to host the show’s reunion specials as well as the dating competition show, "Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too," and also had her own solo docu-series, "Tanisha Gets Married." Most recently, Thomas appeared on Lifetime’s makeover show, "Girlfriend Intervention," where she drew upon her own life experiences as she worked with women who have fallen on hard times to give them the boost that they need to transform their lives for the better. In addition to hosting "Crazy Talk," Thomas is working on a cosmetics line, a plus size movement called "PLUSH," and anticipating the release of her first book, Diary of a F.A.T. Girl, a memoir chronicling the dramatic highs and lows of her journey from Brooklyn to Hollywood and her ongoing search for happiness.


Season 2: Los Angeles

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-7 Episode 8-15 Episode 16-22 Episode 23
Tanisha Tanisha Tanisha Tanisha Tanisha Tanisha
  1. Tanisha made it to the end of the show.

Season 3: Los Angeles (guest appearance)

Bad Girls Top Ten OMGs (special)

Love Games: Season 1 (guest appearance)

Love Games: Season 2 (host)

Love Games: Season 3 (host)

Love Games: Season 4 (host)

Season 6: Los Angeles (reunion guest)

Flo Gets Married (special)

Tanisha Gets Married

Season 8: Las Vegas (reunion host)

Season 9: Mexico (reunion host)

Bad Girls All-Star Battle (reunion host)

Season 10: Atlanta (reunion host)

Bad Girls All-Star Battle: Season 2 (reunion host)

Season 11: Miami (reunion host)

Season 12: Chicago (reunion host)

Season 13: Redemption (reunion host)

Bad Girls Club: Funniest Bad Girl (special)

Season 14: Back for More (reunion host)

Season 15: Twisted Sisters (reunion host)

Season 16: Social Disruption (reunion host)

Season 17: East Meets West (reunion host)


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