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Tabatha "Dreamdoll" Robinson
Bad Girl Information
February 28, 1992
Bronx, New York
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 16: Social Disruption
4 episodes
Kaila Wilkey (formerly)
Adryan Jones
Elliadria Griffin
Brynesha Seegers
Kailie Lima
Zee Carrino
Kandyce Hogan
Kabrina Nashayé
Removed from the house in Season 16
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Tabatha "DreamDoll" Robinson (@dreamdoll) is an original bad girl on Season 16. Tabatha is currently 31 years old and she reisdes in Bronx, New York.


Famous for her pink jeep, pink wardrobe and pink Hoverboard, DreamDoll gives a new flare to being a Pink Lady. Back home, she is a bartender at a strip club, where she is a favorite of her superiors but not so popular with her co-workers. Not one for being bored, DreamDoll makes her own fun by pulling pranks on her friends & family. She can't wait to show the other girls in the house that she is one-of-a-kind and that nobody can take her thunder.


Season 16: Social Disruption[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2
Tabatha Tabatha Tabatha
  1. Tabatha is removed from the house in Episode 2 after bullying and physically attacking Kailie.
  2. Tabatha is replaced by Stephanie in episode 3.


Image Opponents Episode
WinterKailieDream Kailie #ShaBully
16ReunionRiot Kandyce


Season 16: Reunion Part 2


  • DreamDoll later went on to star on Love and Hip Hop: New York season 8 as a supporting cast member
  • After the show DreamDoll went on to have a successful rap career
  • DreamDoll has appeared on several tv shows such as Wild ‘N’ Out, Hip Hop Squares, Love & Hip Hop: New York, College Hill: Celebrity Edition, The Impact: Atlanta and The Impact: New York


Season 16[]