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From left to right the members of the group are Julie, Danni, Camilla, Alyssa a.k.a Redd, Jada and Rocky

This clique was very short lived as most of the girls within in the clique started beefing with each other

They are anti-heroes as they served as the antagonists to Natalie's Minions

Jada and Redd are the only two members of the clique to be sent home

Redd and Julie are the only members of the clique to not attend the reunion

They are not very popular with fans because of their treatment towards Judi

Redd was sent home for breaking the "No Jumping" rule after jumping into Natalie's fight with Rocky and biting Natalie's arm causing injury

Jada was sent home for accidentally injuring Danni by throwing a heel at her during a heated argument with Camilla