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Suzanne "Stunna Girl" Brown
Bad Girl Information
Stunna Girl
July 2, 1998
Sacramento, California
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Baddies West
Baddies East
20 episodes
Baddies West
Catya Washington (formerly)
Cleo "DJ Sky High Baby" Rahman
Chrisean Rock
Scotlynd "Scotty" Ryan
Natalie Nunn
Baddies East
Chrisean Rock
JaKeita "Sky" Days
Latifa "Tesehki" Malone
Tamera "Tee" Kissen
Baddies West Auditions
Destiny "Sukihana" Henderson
Baddies West
Gia "Rollie" Mayham
Atasha "Tommie Lee" Jefferson
Monique "Razor" Samuels
Damerlin "Biggie" Baez
Stayed in the house in Baddies West
Left the house in Baddies East
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Suzanne Brown (Better known as "Stunna Girl") is an original bad girl on Baddies West and Baddies East. Stunna Girl is currently 25 years old and resides in Sacramento, California

She originally appeared as a contestant on Baddies West Auditions, where she got into an altercation with judge Sukihana, who would later become cast members on Baddies West and Baddies East respectively.

On Baddies West, she would be in the whole cast's crosshairs after unexpectedly attacking Tommie Lee during the first episode's photoshoot over their Baddies West Auditions fight. This would lead to her getting into multiple altercations with fellow castmates Biggie and Rollie Pollie, with the former starting a season-long rivalry with her. Later, having an intense physical altercation with Razor and going at it in the season finale with Tommie Lee and her whole crew members. At reunion she was involved in multiple altercations with Rollie and Biggie, with DJ Sky High Baby at her behalf

She briefly appeared on Baddies East, before silently leaving the show due to her feelings of being underpaid, along with her issues with Zeus Network and its CEO, Lemuel Plummer. And for the same reason she doesn't attend the reunion.


Baddies West[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1-4 Episode 5-8 Episode 7-12 Episode 13-14
Stunna Stunna Stunna Stunna Stunna
  1. Stunna Girl made it to the end of the show.

Baddies East[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2
Stunna Stunna Stunna
  1. Stunna Girl voluntarily left the house in Episode 2 after issues with Zeus Network.
  2. Stunna Girl is replaced by Scarface in Episode 6.


Image Opponents Episode
StunnaSuki2 Sukihana Baddies West Auditions
StunnaTommie1 Tommie Lee The Wild Wild West
StunnaGirlvsBiggiebus Biggie
StunnaRollie Rollie


Welcome To LA
StunnavsRollie1 Rollie Stunna vs Everybody
StunnaHouse Rollie

Tommie Lee

StunnaBiggie4 Biggie Here Comes The Bad Luck
BiggieStunna Who`s Bad?
StunnaRazor Razor
StunnaJumped Tommie Lee

Tommie's Crew

Back to The Bay
DJSkyStunnaRollieBiggie Biggie Baddies West: The Reunion Pt.I
DJSkyStunnaRollieBiggie2 Biggie


Baddies West: The Reunion Pt.2
StunnaGirlRollie Rollie


  • Similar to Chrisean, Stunna Girl received an increase in popularity after her appearance on Baddies West, shooting from around 250,000 followers, all the way up to roughly over a million.
  • Stunna Girl has claimed that she was the highest paid Baddie on Baddies West. This has not been confirmed.
  • Despite being announced as a member of the original cast, Stunna Girl was edited out of multiple episodes on Baddies East.
  • Due issues with Zeus, Stunna did not attend the Baddies East Reunion.


Baddies West[]

Baddies East[]