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Susan and Seven vs. Francesca and Kiyanna
Season 17: East meets West
Between Francesca Jacovino , Kiyanna Bygrave , Susan Shermann and Seven Craft


Later, Kiyanna mentions how her and Sayyora were talking about sitting on each of their faces. Susan jokes that she doesn't want to hear about 'attempted homicide', which caused Tanisha and the audience to laugh. Kiyanna then retaliates by saying that's why her husband divorced her. Susan, enraged, decides to charge at Francesca and punches her instead of Kiyanna and then Susan gets jumped as Fran repeatedly kicks Susan on her stomach and her legs whilst Kiki punches Susan on the back of her head 4 times and Susan does the same thing back to Kiki but punches on her stomach and whilst this is all happening Seven said in an interview that she jumped in and dragged Fran by her hair and slid her off of Susan from the couch for trying to jump her and then Security immediately tries to pull Susan away, while Kiyanna pounces on her hair. Kiyanna continuously holds on to Susan's hair, long enough for numerous security men, and Tanisha to get involved. She finally lets go, and Susan is later escorted off the stage.

Winner: Tie