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Stunna vs. Rollie and Tommie Lee
Baddies West
Between Suzanne "Stunna Girl" Brown, Atasha "Tommie Lee" Jefferson and Gia "Rollie" Mayham

When Stunna Girl's fight with Rollie concluded, she took a second to catch her breath. While she was catching her breath, security gave Tommie the opportunity to hit Stunna Girl. While Stunna Girl was fixing the cloth that was covering her hair, Tommie tried to push Stunna Girl, and Stunna Girl caught Tommie's fist, held it, and pushed Tommie back with it. Then, an exhausted Stunna Girl swings and tries to scratch, while Tommie does the same. Neither of them land good hits, but Rollie hits Stunna Girl from behind while she is fighting Tommie.

Winner: Stunna & Tommie = Tie | Rollie Wins (via third-partying Stunna Girl)