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Smiley Vs Starwberry
Baddies East and Auditions
Between Krystal "Smiley" Borrego, and Victoria (Mariahlynn sister)
Number of Fights 4

Smiley Vs Strawberry are the physical altercations between Krystal "Smiley" Borrego and Victoria (Mariahlynn sister) on the fourth season of Baddies called Baddies East.


Round 1[]

At the baddies east auditions Strawberry cames and introduce herself to the judge but, Natalie tells her she doesn't listen her and Smiley came and snatch the mic of her hand and walk away. Strawberry follows her to get the mic back and Smiley push her. Both of them throws hits and pulls their hair. security cames in to brek the fight but they continues to the backstage where Mariahlynn its in an interview after saw what happen with her sister she tries to jump but security dont let her leading Mariah and Strawberry mad.

Winner: Tie/Smiley

Round 2[]


When the baddies arrives to New York they goes to the club, Mariah tells her sister what Smiley are there and Strawberry pulls up and try to swing on Smiley but security doesn't let her. After thar both runs up and grab their hair but Strawberry throws a punch ata Smiley back head. Both girls stay grabbed by their hairs before gettin grabbed out by security.

Winner: Tie/ Strawberry

Round 3[]


After gettin separated Strawberry runs up again and grabs Smiley's hair. Smiley pulls her too, but they not magane to throw hits because Security gets into.

Winner: Tie

Round 4[]


Both girls swings again, but this time Smiley throws multiple hits, more than Strawberry. Mariah try to jump in but Security doesn't let her.

Winner Smiley