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Sin City Showdown
Bad Girls Club: East Meets West
Season 17, Episode 9
Air date April 11, 2017
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Sin City Showdown is the ninth episode of the seventeenth season of the Bad Girls Club. It aired on April 11, 2017.


The episode picks up with the girls all going to Vegas. Things get heated when Keyaira decides to take the bedroom with 4 beds in it, even though their clique only has 3 people in it. Keyaira and Seven go on a radio show in the morning. Francesca, Briana, Kiyanna and Sayyora go zip-lining. Seven DJ's and Keyaira raps. After both of their performances, Keyaira's mom tells her that her uncle has died. Back at the hotel, Briana gets emotional after having to leave her friends, leading to an altercation between her and Keyaira leading to a physical fight between the two. After Seven overhears Kiyanna congratulating Briana on "beating up Keyaira", Seven tries to go fight Kiyanna but gets blocked by security. Seven, Keyaira and Deshayla leave Vegas before the other girls. Back at the house, Seven and Keyaira make a plan to attack Kiyanna and Briana when the come into the house, leading to an explosive cliffhanger when Keyaira attacks Briana at the same time Seven attacks Kiyanna.

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