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Sidney vs. Elliadria
Baddies South
Between Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin and Sidney Starr
Number of Fights 2


Round 1

After Sidney's continuous stalking of The Baddies South Girls, Elliadria attacks and sneaks Sidney from behind and triple-punches her on the back of her head and drags onto the floor and once the security guard breaks the 2 girls up, the fight ends there.

Winner: Elliadria

Round 2


After Elliadria sneaks Sidney, The 2 girls actually have a fair one-on-one match with each other and Elliadria runs up on Sidney again only to be punched on either the face or chest by her whilst Elliadria triple-punches Sidney again on her head and drags her to the floor once again aswell and the security breaks the girls up from each other and the fight ends there.

Winner: Elliadria