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Shannon vs. Valentina
Season 10: Atlanta
Between Shannon Sarich and Valentina Anyanwu
Number of Fights 1

Shannon vs. Valentina is the physical altercation in the tenth season's first part of the reunion in Bad Girls Club. It starts seconds after the girls enter the reunion.


Shannon vs. Valentina

Cause of the fight

Shannon got bullied during her time in the bad girls club, mostly by Valentina, who used to jump everyone she didn’t like, so at the reunion she saw the perfect moment to take revenge and attack her.

The fight

Shannon ran and started hitting Valentina in the head multiple times as well as pulling her hair, Valentina grabbed Shannon’s hair and raised her legs to keep Shannon away from her who was still punching Valentina, security came to separate the two and Valentina started kicking Shannon. Both pulled their hair and finally were broken up by security, Valentina tried to attack Shannon but tripped and fell on the floor hitting her jaw with an audience chair.

Winner: Shannon


Shannon was taken backstage to the dressing room and after that Rocky Vs. Valentina happened