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Shannon vs. Jenniffer
Season 10: Atlanta
Between Shannon Sarich and Jenniffer Hardwick
Number of Fights 2

Shannon vs. Jenniffer is the physical altercation between Shannon Sarich and Jenniffer Hardwick in the second part of the reunion of the tenth season of Bad Girls Club.


Round 1


Jenn comes to the stage with unresolved issues with Rocky and Shannon. She makes Shannon her target so when she tries to fight her Shannon kicks her in the stomach and pulls her hair, slamming her onto the seat. Shannon then hits Jennifer on her face a few times and Jennifer tries to get hits in but they don’t connect.

Winner: Tie

Round 2

Shannon attacks Jenn as she tries to attack her and kicks Jenn's stomach repeatedly and mushes her face a few times whilst Jenn punches Shannon atleast 3 times on her stomach and they are quickly pulled away by security.

Winner: Jenniffer