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Shannade vs. Lauren
Season 14: Back for More
Between Shannade Clermont and Lauren Lewis
Episodes Double Trouble

Shannon and Shannade vs. Lauren and Jasmine is the physical altercations between Shannon ClermontShannade Clermont and Lauren Lewis in Season 14, Episode 2, Double Trouble.


After a dance class, the girls arrive home and the twins write on Christina, Lauren and Jasmine's pictures saying they will be leaving soon. Lauren tells Jasmine and Tina about this and Tina confronts the twins, wanted to know what they're gonna do. The three go back and fourth arguing. Tina throws food at the twins and they get in each others faces even more before security carries Tina away. Tina is then outside of the phone room telling the girls to throw a punch.

Shannade and Shannon change their clothes and Shannade comes downstairs confronting Lauren. Shannade knocks a cup out of Lauren's hand then pushes her and they both briefly chest-bump each other while they are getting in each others faces and then Shannon steps in to yell in Lauren's face. Security separates the the twins from Lauren.

Winner: Tie


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