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Seven vs. Francesca and Kiyanna
Season 17: East meets West
Between Francesca Jacovino, Kiyanna Bygrave and Seven Craft


Following a fight with Deshayla, Fran gets hype and gets into a brief argument with Seven where she points her finger in her face. After Seven tells her to move it she slaps it out her face and receives a kick to the stomach in return. Before she can retaliate Kiyanna decides to run up and attempt to attack/jump Seven while she was fighting Fran. Seven responds quickly by grabbing Kiyanna’s head while she was still running up and turning her body to the side and started punching her on the top of her head and dragging her through the hallway. Security gets between them with Kiyanna snatching Seven’s weave out.

Winner: Seven


Seven talks to Keyaira and Susan about the fight before going to the doctor since her hand was hurting. It was revealed that she fractured her hand but she would heal quickly.