Seven Craft

I ain't beat your ass today, but I will be beating that ass soon!

Seven Craft
Bad Girl Information
The Seventh Wonder of the World
August 26, 1994
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 17: East Meets West
Baddies ATL
24 episodes (including Baddies ATL)
Season 17
Keyaira Hamilton
Susan Shermann
Baddies ATL
Janelle Shanks
Season 17
Kiyanna Bygrave
Sayyora Badalbaeva
Francesca Jacovino
Deshayla Harris
Baddies ATL
Sarah Oliver
Removed from the house in Season 17
Remained in Baddies ATL
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Seven Craft (also known as The Seventh Wonder of the Hood) is an original bad girl on Season 17. Seven is currently 21 years old and she resides in Fort Washington, Maryland.


This proclaimed “Queen of the Hood” can regularly be found partying in the D.C. area with her arm around a famous rapper and making sure the gossip on Capitol Hill has her name written all over it. Seven sparks a flame in everyone she meets but good luck trying to pin this smooth operator down. The only thing holding back the otherwise capable Seven is her out-of-control temper. She is a natural born ring leader and plans on running the bad girl loft.


Season 17: East Meets West

Bad Girl Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-4 Episode 5-8 Episode 9 Episode 10
Seven Seven Seven Seven Seven Seven
  1. Seven is removed from the house in the season finale after a physical altercation with Kiyanna.


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Squad Goals
Kiyanna The Final Countdown
Season 17: Reunion Part 1
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