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See Ya Later, INSTIgator
Bad Girls Club: East Meets West
Season 17, Episode 2
Air date February 21, 2017
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See Ya Later, INSTIgator is the second episode of the seventeenth season of the Bad Girls Club. It aired on February 21, 2017.


Shifting alliances in the house see some girls making up, some girls breaking up, and others forming new friendships. A photo shoot becomes awkward when Keyaira is forced to shoot with enemies Susan and Sayyora. Kiyanna begins to instigate house drama and even draws the ire of ally Keyaira when she decides to be Sayyora's friend. In the midst of all the drama, Francesca tries to remain positive, but admits to having a hard time dealing with all the girls. Keyaira and Seven get closer to Susan when she opens up to them. Kiyanna decides to play a prank on Susan by messing with her bed, after constant arguing between the two. When Susan confronts her about it, it sparks a physical altercation between the two, leading to Susan to body slam Kiyanna on the floor. After they're broken up, Keyaira decides she's had enough with Sayyora and the two also fight, ending with a cliffhanger.

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