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Season 3
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Los Angeles, California
December 2, 2008 - March 31, 2009
15 episodes
Amber M. vs. Kayla
Perez Hilton
"Bad just got good."
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Season Three is the third season of the Oxygen reality television series, Bad Girls Club. The third season beat ratings and viewership from the previous season. This season's reunion host was hosted by Perez Hilton.


Original Bad Girls[]

The Bad Girls Club since it's previously seasons always cast at least two African american girls at for the main original seven like Leslie and Ty for season one, Tanisha and Lyric for season two, Kayla and Tiffany for season three,

Image Bad Girl Age Hometown "Bad Girl" nickname
AileaSeason3PS Ailea Carr 21 Buford, Georgia ”The Instigator"
This bad girl from Georgia is heaps of fun. She can be your best friend just don't get on Ailea's bad side. This is due to she was used to getting her own way growing up. She can be describes as someone who loves to manipulated a situation.
AmberBSeason3PS Amber Buhl 23 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ”The Narcissist"
Amber B. is ultra competitive, she can be sneaky but will admit the truth if caught in the act. She is always coming up with new schemes to be playful but her clever ways can be mistaken for mayhem. She is eager to find her ideal guy and is out-going.
AmberMSeason3PS Amber Meade 25 Montevideo, Minnesota ”The Firecracker"
Amber Meade is blonde small-town minnesota girl who doesn't let anyone dictate her life. She is very blunt which is why some bad girls say that Amber M. needs to think before she speaks. Amber even though looks innocent, isn't afraid to speak her mind to anyone. She is small, but stills stand high on her own to enemies.
KaylaSeason3PS Kayla "KC" Carter 23 Compton, California ”The Loose Cannon"
Kayla comes from a rocky childhood in South Los Angeles, she is used to fending for herself. She always seems to be just one step ahead of the law. Don't try to get on Kayla's bad side else her wild side will be exposed. Which is why her fellow bad girls think of Kayla as “Crazy”. She describes she won’t tolerate “bullshit” from anyone.
SarahSeason3PS Sarah Michaels 23 Milwaukee, Wisconsin ”The Party Girl"
Sarah is a recent divorcee who wants to make up for lost time. She loves to party, and she's the ultimate Bad Girl. She doesn't share the conservative morals of most rural Midwesterners. Like all the bad girls, Sarah has a dark side. Sarah overall would hook up with a guy then to fight and shout over nonsense.
TiffSeason3PS Tiffany Torrence-Davis 24 Chicago, Illinois ”The Warden"
Tiffany is from the South Side of Chicago and she admits she “loves sugar daddies”. Tiffany is a self-proclaimed Southside Chicago hustler bug, also has a heart of gold. Tiff definitely shows her attitude if she's disrespected. But like all the bad girls, this one has a dark side.
WhitneySeason3PS Whitney "Boston" Collings 21 Boston, Massachusetts ”The Straight Shooter "
Whitney is Boston native who has in-your-face attitude certainly. This has a lot to do with the pride she has from being raised in the projects. She reps her city “Boston” surely in the Bad Girls Club house. She has a temper and loves to raise her voice. She grew “thick skin” to deal with everything around her but admits she has a hard time opening up to people.

† Cast Member has passed away after the filming of the season.

Replacement Girls[]

The Replacement Bad Girls for Kayla when she leaves. In every season of the Bad Girls Club one or more girls will be asked to leave the house either to violence or physical fighting which then gives the producers a chance at a new "bad girl" which arrives to the house in a day or two to replace the fellow bad girl.

Image Bad Girl Age Hometown "Bad Girl" nickname Replaced
AshleySeason3PP Ashley Weaver 21 Settle, WA ”The Femme Fatale" “Kayla”
Ashley is 21-years-old and is from Seattle, WA. She says that women are intimidated by her looks. Ashley is ready to meet women who are up to her level. Ashley says: I'm a Bad Girl because I do what I want, when I want, and how I want.

Duration of Cast[]

Bad Girls Season 3 Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Amber B. FEAT.
Sarah FEAT.
Tiffany FEAT.
Ashley REP. FEAT.
Whitney FEAT. REM.


  • Key:      = "Bad Girl" appears on this episode.
  • Key:      = "Bad Girl" replacement arrives.
  • Key:      = "Bad Girl" is kicked out of the house.
  • Key:      = "Bad Girl" voluntarily left the house.
  • Key:      = "Bad Girl" returns to the house.
  • Key:      = "Bad Girl" is removed from house.
  •   1  Amber M. voluntarily left the house in episode 3 due to a family assignment.
  •   2  Amber M. returns to the house in episode 4.
  •   3  Kayla was removed from the house in episode 5 after a physical altercation with Amber M.
  •   4  Ashley replaced Kayla in episode 7.
  •   5  Kayla made an appearance in episode 10 for a photoshoot.
  •   6  Whitney was removed from the house in episode 12 for starting a physical altercation with Amber M.
  •   7  Ailea is kicked out of the house in episode 12 by Amber M. after it was discovered that she was involved in the fight between her and Whitney.


Opponents Episode
RandomHouseS3 Random vs. Kayla, Whitney & Sarah 1 Breaking and Entering
AmberKC1 Amber M. vs. Kayla (R1)
KaylaWhitney Kayla vs. Whitney 3 Boston Tea Party
AmberKCR2 Amber M. vs. Kayla (R2) 5 Tipping Point
E0B8 Amber M. vs. Kayla (R3)
AmberWhitney1 Amber M. vs. Whitney 6 Poppin`In!
AshleyRandomS3 Ashley vs. Random 8 What Happens in Vegas, Airs on TV
AmberWitneyAilea Amber M. vs. Whitney & Ailea 11 Make a Run For The Border
AmberHouse2 Amber M. vs. Tiffany & Whitney
TiffanyAmber Amber M. vs. Tiffany 14 All`s Bad That Ends Bad
KaylaAshley Kayla vs. Ashley 15 Season 3 Reunion


No. Title Original air date
1 "Breaking and Entering" December 2, 2008
The season begins with Sarah packing and arriving at the mansion. She cannot enter the mansion yet, because it appears to be locked so she has to wait outside. Amber B. arrives shortly after, and the two become close friends, having mutual interests. Whitney and Tiffany are the next to appear. Amber M. and Ailea arrive afterwards, and Kayla is the last to pull up. Since no one seems to have the key, the girls start looking for it all around the place, which quickly sets Amber B. in bad mood. She takes a stick and breaks a glass door at the back of the mansion. The gang enter the luxurious mansion in awe and everyone quickly spots their new bedrooms. Amber M. is a bit unsatisfied because no shoes fit her. Eventually, the girls head to a bar to celebrate their new home, but they get kicked out of several places for fighting with Kayla being the core of trouble. The next day, Amber M. accidentally offends Ailea who later instigates a huge scandal against Amber. She apologizes, and everything is forgiven for the first time. Not wanting any drama this time, the girls go out to dinner. There, strangers start making comments that upset Kayla. She quickly gets angry and throws a drink, which leads to her getting kicked out.
2 "I Got Your Backbone" December 9, 2008
The episode continues from where the last one ended. Kayla, still mad about the situation, is standing outside of the restaurant and shouting, which embarrasses all girls and especially Tiffany, when Kayla calls her out for not having her back. The girls get home, where Kayla bursts into tears while explaining why she blew up. She also opens up about her tough childhood, but Tiffany and Whitney console and ensure her that they are true friends from now on. The next day, the separation in the house becomes somewhat defined: the Ambers set up 'The Amber Show', where they gossip about the girls in the confessional, especially Ailea. Sarah longs for men and she encourages the girls to go on speed dating. Ailea decides to go, but she is nervous as she has been dating online for a long time. While thinking of question for the event, Kayla and Ailea sit in the kitchen and Ailea tells Kayla that they might be talking about her, which quickly sets Kayla off. This all leads to a huge argument between her and Tiffany. Ailea is considered the cause of Kayla getting mad, so a meeting is held, where she explains herself. The girls go speed dating later. Almost everyone finds men for the evening, with Sarah being one of the exceptions which largely disappoints her.
3 "Boston Tea Party" December 16, 2008

Amber M. has to leave the house temporarily to celebrate her friend's wedding in Minnesota. Sarah and Amber B. get into a little misunderstanding with a hook-up Sarah met which makes her reconsider their friendship. Amber B. hooks up a local, Greg, at a club, and later invites him into the house, which makes Sarah annoyed. Going out in the evening, Kayla irritates Whitney by making lesbian jokes. Whitney wants her to say sorry, but Kayla refuses. Getting totally mad, they clash in the kitchen and start throwing tableware at each other in rage, which destroys their friendship. Later, all girls head to a stripper club to earn money. Kayla is nervous so she starts drinking non-stop, leading to her fall unconscious. Tiffany sees her off to hospital, and the episode cuts off on the cliff-hanger. Note:      Amber M. voluntarily left the house

4 "The Naked Truth" January 6, 2009

Kayla returns from the hospital safe. She opens up about her previous relationship, which influenced her insecurity. Tiffany invites Marcus, her new hook-up, home. Later, Kevin, Ailea's online hook-up, invites all the girls to eat out, where the Ambers, who obviously disapprove of Kevin as he is too old for Ailea, make silly comments, which greatly upsets Ailea. Amber M. and Ailea have a conversation which sets Ailea in rage. Later on, Amber B. discovers that Greg lied to her and decides to break their relationship at a club. Meanwhile, Kayla's dress tears and she gets upset. Tiffany is tired of Kayla's constant complaints and scenes and shouts at her. The argument takes from the limo to the house when Tiffany heard Kayla and Amber B. talking, resulting in a quarrel. Note:      Amber M. returns to the house

5 "The Tipping Point" January 13, 2009

The girls head to a lingerie shop to give away leaflets in underwear for money. Kayla is low on money so she wants to by any means earn as much as she can and she is buying extra underwear for a bonus. Amber M. decides to get the bonus herself so she pays more, depriving Kayla of it and upsetting her. In the evening, the girls go out. The Ambers get into an altercation with locals in a bathroom and tell the girls about it. This escalates into a huge street fight. Tiffany gets especially mad and shouts at the enemies from the top of the limo. Embarrassed by her behavior later on, Tiffany vows to never act like that anymore. Influenced by the latest events, the girls want no more drama. Therefore, Whitney, Tiffany, Sarah and Ailea go to a bar to have fun, while the Ambers and Kayla go to a quiet restaurant. Drama doesn't let the latter move around, though, because Kayla refuses to give a lot of tips. Amber M. and Kayla argue and consequently fight in the car, making Amber B. pull over. The fight goes on outside, involving the girls even choking each other. At home, the girls start discussing the situation, but Kayla is sent packing. Notes:      Kayla was removed from the house.

6 "Popping In!" January 20, 2009

After Kayla leaves, the Ambers become quite separated from the rest of the girls, and their actions only keep the fire alight. At a surfing event, Amber M. constantly flirts with the surf trainer, which ticks everyone else off. Later on, bored with the rest of the girls, the Ambers discover that Tanisha is currently in the city and they decide to prank the girls by making them believe that Tanisha is going to be the new roommate. They find Tanisha and wreck her radio program, introducing themselves and making her support their idea. She agrees and plays everything out just as the Ambers wanted, intimidating and confusing the rest of the girls. She revealed that it was just a prank then and left. Later on, the girls go out. There, Amber B. gets too drunk to even move, and Amber M. makes out with the surf trainer, which disgusts the girls. In the limo, Whitney and Amber M. get into a heated argument, which resulted in a fight between the two. Back home, the girls spot the new girl's portrait under a sheet. They tear it off and are shocked to see their future roommate's face. Note:      Tanisha from Season 2 guest stars in this episode.

7 "Who Is This B..." January 27, 2009

The girls decide to make the newbie feel unwanted and destroy her portrait. The next day, the phone rings and the new girl, Ashley, warns Ailea that she will arriving in a few minutes. Whitney gets angry with her attitude. All the girls lock the doors not to let Ashley get inside. When she pulls up, she enters the house from the backyard. The girls decide not to be too talkative and Amber M. is the one to show Ashley her room and wardrobe. This way, Ashley quickly forms an alliance with both Ambers, while the rest of the girls still remain bitter. When going out, Ashley clearly stated that she wanted to be friends with everyone, but she and the rest didn't seem to come to a conclusion. To put off the tension, the girls decide to organize a gambling event, inviting croupiers with toy money and chips. Ashley gets influenced by the whole event and proposes that they go to Las Vegas the next day. Note:      Ashley replaces Kayla.

8 "What Happens In Vegas...Airs on TV" February 3, 2009
The girls take the cars and go to Las Vegas. When they arrive, they rush to their hotel only to see that there are not enough beds for the seven of them. Annoyed, the girls draw lots to determine who is going to sleep on the couch. Later, everyone goes to a strip performance, Australia's Thunder Down Under, and Ashley and Amber B. have fun on the stage. The girls stay for the afterparty and Ashley gets angry at Amber B. for "stealing" her stripper. Next, the Ambers decide to get married as prank, but it isn't appreciated much. Still, everyone goes to celebrate it a bit at a club. Ashley starts to merge in with the Fab 4, making it a Fab 5, because she feels like she has little in common with the Ambers. Later on, the girls are met at a club and are asked to make a cameo performance in a Fantasy show. They do not dance that well, but still receive ovations. On their last day in Vegas, the Ambers and the rest go to an actual chapel to get married, Vegas-style. They start acting silly and therefore are denied with their marriage. This makes everyone laugh and make fun of the whole wedding process.
9 "This Is NOT The Amber Show" February 10, 2009
On the way back home, everyone including Ashley gets annoyed with the Ambers. The situation in the house gets tense. When the girls go out, Ashley doesn't find her purse and gets mad. Amber B. took her purse without letting her know, so Ashley lashes at her, which fuels the tension even more. Later, all the girls but Amber B. get sick, so she goes to buy them medicine. Because she is late, Sarah gets upset and blames it all on her, which results in scandal between the two. Meanwhile, Sarah gets closer with Noah and Ailea prefers Fazil to Kevin. Ashley gets to know that the Ambers had been gossiping about her, demolishing their friendship. At night, the girls go to a club to see the Steel Panthers, who invited the girls to their performance. In the midst of the performance, the Fab 5 get involved into a huge brawl in the crowd, getting kicked out eventually. Back at the house, the Fab 5 members decide to discover who was the center of all the gossips, and since Amber M. doesn't want to betray Amber B., the situation results in a huge confrontation.
10 "Ailea of the Storm" February 24, 2009

The Fab 5 agree on not being nice to the Ambers anymore. Amber B.'s clothes get thrown on the roof and her shoes are set afloat on the pool, which makes her burst into tears. Later on, the girls have to attend the photoshoot for Oxygen. Kayla returns, and the Ambers are very happy to see her once again. The Fab 5 keep to themselves and dislike the way the Ambers are acting. Back home, the girls have a spiritual seance, which put all the drama off and relieves the stress in the house. Later on, Jessie Janes, a pornstar, invites the girls to her premiere movie. The girls get pleased and also stay for the after party. The other evening, Jessie Janes brought the girls a present for seeing her movie, sending them all to Cancun for a week. Note: Kayla made an appearance.

11 "Make a Run For the Border" March 3, 2009
The girls are packing up for Cancun and everyone is very excited. Upon arrival, they are treated with free shots and other means of fun. Amber B. gets mad, however, as Whitney spilled a drink on her expensive purse. Once again, misunderstanding rises between the girls, bringing the grudges up. The girls arrive in a hotel to receive their suite. It apeears to be a two-storey, luxurious suite with a pool atop and a nice view on the city. The next day the Ambers go to explore the city, while the Fab 5 lie on the beach and meet locals. By dinner, the company gets back together and tension, once again, is brought up because Amber M. wants to make it clear why the girls dislike her and Amber B. so much, but no one is in the mood to talk about it. Whitney warns everyone that she will flip out if everyone goes on talking about the situation non-stop. Tiffany gets mad at Amber M. for trying to wreck their dinner and throws some harsh words and leaves with Sarah and Ashley. In the evening, all girls head to a bikini contest. Ashley and Sarah are willing to win, while Ailea and the Ambers only participate for fun. Sarah gets shocked when her and Ashley lose to a local girl. Tiffany also gets upset because the MC blamed her for throwing ice, which she did not do. Whitney tries to find the MC to apologize to Tiffany, but to no avail. The situation is only fueled when Amber M. is somewhere on the stage, oblivious to all the drama going on. When she gets back, Ailea lashes at her. Outside of the club, tensions reach the limit and Whitney, along with Ailea, starts pulling Amber M.'s hair. The fight is worsened when Amber hits Tiffany, who was trying to help, and falls onto the ground, getting kicked by Ailea and Whitney.
12 "The Cookie Crumbles" March 10, 2009

Amber M. gets back to the hotel in pain and gets another room to settle in. The Fab 5 return home shortly after and look for Amber everywhere, but she is nowhere to be found. Whitney is still stuck on the notion of taking care of her business. Tiffany is the only person who seems not to be fond of her actions. The next day, Amber M. is consulted by a doctor, who prescribes her pills. The situation is not left unattended and the police appear to talk to Ailea about what went down. Amber M. is also invited to give evidence, and she points out Whitney as the instigator of the fight. The police officer recommends Whitney to leave the country so charges are not pressed. In before she does anything, a Bad Girls Club producer comes up to her and decides that she must leave the show. Whitney leaves, and the girls go to supper out later on. Amber M. cannot forget the other girls' actions and excuses herself from the dinner. Amber B. and Tiffany follow her to the hotel. They convince her to have a good time during the remaining time in Cancun. When the girls get back, a house meeting is held because Tiffany doesn't feel like Ailea deserves to be on the show anymore as she kicked Amber and got away with that. Ailea confesses to her feelings and asks Amber whether she wants her in the house anymore or no. Amber M. says no and sends Ailea packing. Notes:      Whitney is removed from the house,      Ailea is kicked out of the house by Amber M.

13 "This IS The Amber Show" March 17, 2009
The Ambers take trip down memory lane and discuss roommates plus some memorable moments from the season.
14 "All's Well That Ends Bad" March 24, 2009
The girls arrive at the mansion to find Whitney's wishes to all members of the Fab 5. The house feels empty and the girls look for something to do. Going out, Sarah lets out that she was unfaithful to Noah, which destroys their relationship. The next day, the remaining girls board a motor ship to celebrate their last day in the house. Everyone is getting along, dancing, taking pictures and having fun. Back at the house, Tiffany invites her brother to come. Amber M. wants to get to know him. When he comes, she falls asleep and lets him touch her. Later, when he is gone, professional chefs come into the house to cook exotic food as the last supper together. Amber M. comes up to Tiffany to say that she took her brother's actions offensively. Tiffany gets upset and then blows up at the supper because Amber M. cannot say correctly where he touched her. The supper is wrecked. The next day, Tiffany and Amber M. make up and forget all their grudges. Since it's the last day, the girls decide to destroy the house. They throw all their furniture into the pool, shatter a glass chandelier and spray paint on walls.
15 "Unresolved Issues" March 31, 2009
All the eight girls of season three gather to discuss their behavior with the host, Perez Hilton. Amber M. states that it was difficult to stay the whole season and quickly gets into an argument with Tiffany, who doesn't believe that Amber knew what the show was about and went on it, all the while Ashley gets into an argument with the other Amber. Amber B. says that she is not going to assault anyone on the Reunion. The girls revisit the drama of the last days and Amber M. and Tiffany argue even more. Afterwards, Ailea and Whitney come up onto the stage and Amber M. and Whitney argue about the Ambers secluding themselves. The Cancun fight is brought up and Perez disagrees with the Fab 5 who think it wasn't that bad. Perez asks the purpose of The Amber Show, and Amber M. reveals that it definitely wasn't made to make everyone else angry. Amber B. apologizes to Ailea for talking about Kevin badly. Kayla then comes up onto the stage and quickly gets into a heated argument with Ashley who found her comment to be racially insensitive, which leads to a screaming match and then even a fight between the two. Later on, Perez brings up all the dates the girls had had. Noah is ready to be back with Sarah and Greg revisits his and Amber B.'s relationship, confirming that they did have sex. The girls get to say last few words about what's going on with their lives right now and leave the stage. Tiffany and Amber M. share a hug to stay friends.


The third season is seen as the structure for further season of the idea of the “Wolf Pack”. This is more then one female against only one other female or more in this case, Amber Buhl and Amber Meade we’re constantly attack by the five other bad girls on numerous occasion either as group or one tag teaming. This is the first season where jumping is taken place in BGC history when Whitney and Ailea jumped Cookie aka Amber M. during trip in Mexico. The third season is not memorable as others seasons mostly liking due to only two fights actually occur this season compare to the number of fights that aired after season 3 like season 4, season 5: miami and season 6: hollywood. This is the first season to air for one hour each week, whereas the previous seasons aired for 30 minutes each week. Also, this is the first season where the girls took a vacation.

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