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Season Information
Los Angeles, California
March 15, 2016 - June 7, 2016
13 episodes
Jazmyn and Jaimee vs. The House
Tanisha Thomas
Season Chronology
Season 14: Back For More
Season 16: Social Disruption

Season Fifteenth: Twisted Sisters is the fifteenth season of the Oxygen reality television series Bad Girls Club aired between March 15 , 2016. The season aired in the 8pm (ET) time slot every Tuesday. This is the eighth edition of Bad Girls Club to film in Los Angeles. The season features a complete cast of sisters. The season was produced by Oxygen.

Season Fifteen follows these fierce alpha females are eager to improve their relationships with each other and confront their issues head on. The girls will not only face tension with family, but will also have to tackle the clashing personalities of their other housemates. Life coach Laura Baron will work with the sisters in hopes to tame their tempers and strive to strengthen their bond with one another.


Original Bad Girls

Bad Girl Age Hometown "Bad Girl" nickname
Angela Babicz 25 Clifton, New Jersey The Competitive Cuties
Kristina Babicz 22 Clifton, New Jersey
Annalisa "Anna" Giordano 23 Staten Island, New York The Staten Stunners
Jessica Giordano 23 Staten Island, New York
Amber Thorne 26 Houston, Texas The Sultry Sirens
Asia Jeudy 24 Brooklyn, New York
Olivia "Liv" Adams 26 Allentown, Pennsylvania The Swanky Swindlers
Diamond "Dime" Jimenez 25 Harlem, New York

Replacement Bad Girls

In each season of the Bad Girls Club, one or more girls are asked to leave the house either from violence, physical fighting, or leaves on her own accord, which then gives the producers a chance at a new "bad girl" who arrives to the house in a couple days to replace the fellow bad girl who was removed or left.

Bad Girl Age Hometown "Bad Girl" nickname Replaced
Amanda Hepperle 28 Guttenberg, New Jersey N/A Annalisa
Victoria Hepperle 28 Guttenberg, New Jersey N/A Jessica
Allison Green 24 Las Vegas, Nevada The Rock-N-Roll Barbies Amanda
Melissa Green 27 Las Vegas, Nevada
Jaimee Wallace 22 Miami, Florida The Queens of Twerkville Victoria
Jazmyn Wallace 21 Miami, Florida
Hanan Ibrahim 24 Covina, California The Devious Divorcees Diamond
Suha "Susu" Ibrahim 26 Covina, California Olivia

Duration of cast

Bad Girls Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Amber FEAT.
Asia FEAT.
Kristina FEAT.
Jaimee REP. FEAT.
Jazmyn REP. FEAT.
Angela FEAT. REM. APP.
Diamond FEAT. REM.
Olivia FEAT. REM.
Amanda REP./LEFT
Victoria REP./LEFT
Annalisa FEAT. LEFT
Jessica FEAT. LEFT
Key:      = "Bad" Girl is featured on this episode.
Key:      = "Bad" Girl is removed from the house.
Key:      = "Bad" Girl replacement arrives.
Key:      = "Bad" Girl voluntarily leaves the house.
Key:      = "Bad" Girl replacement arrives and voluntarily leaves the house in the same episode.
Key:      = "Bad" Girl who left earlier makes an appearance.
  •   1  Annalisa and Jessica voluntarily left the house in episode 2 after an altercation with Amber, Angela, Asia, and Kristina.
  •   2  Amanda and Victoria replaced Annalisa and Jessica in episode 3 and voluntarily left the house in the same episode after a physical altercation with Amber, Angela, Asia and Kristina.
  •   3  Allison, Jaimee, Jazmyn and Melissa replaced Amanda and Victoria in episode 4.
  •   4  Diamond and Olivia were removed from the house in episode 6 after admitting that they were not sisters, but in fact exes.
  •   5  Hanan and Susu replaced Diamond and Olivia in episode 7.
  •   6  Angela was removed from the house in episode 8 after causing harm to Hanan during an altercation with Hanan and Susu.
  •   7  Allison and Melissa voluntarily left the house in episode 8 after multiple physical altercations with Jaimee and Jazmyn.
  •   8  Angela made appearances in episodes 9 and 10 during life coach sessions with Kristina.
  •   9  Hanan and Susu were removed from the house in the season finale after being deemed too violent by producers after Susu threw glass picture frames at Amber and Kristina and Hanan threw a chair at Amber.




No. in


Title Original air date Viewers


236 0 Casting Special March 8, 2016 0.249
237 1 Sis and the City March 15, 2016 0.575
238 2 Twin Some, Lose Some March 22, 2016 0.508
239 3 Release the Beast and Other Tall Tales March 29, 2016 0.620
240 4 No Room for T.H.O.T.S. April 5, 2016 0.487
241 5 A Family Affair (& other tall tales) Part Deux April 12, 2016 0.519
242 6 Recipe for Disaster April 19, 2016 0.636
243 7 Birthday Blowout April 26, 2016 0.599
244 8 OG Overthrow May 3, 2016 0.573
245 9 Bids, Breakthroughs and Barbecues May 10, 2016 TBA
246 10 Five Dollar Farewell May 17, 2016 0.608



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