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Season 15: Reunion Part 1
Bad Girls Club: Twisted Sisters
Season 15, Episode 11
Air date May 24, 2016
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Five Dollar Farewell
Season 15: Reunion Part 2

Season 15: Reunion Part 1 is the 11th episode of the 15th season of the Bad Girls Club. It aired on May 24, 2016.


Bad Girl alumna, Tanisha, vows to get to the bottom of all of the drama and lies from this season, as the five final housemates take to the reunion stage. Tensions remain high between Jazmyn and Jaimee and the OG’s.


Name Reunion Episodes
Part 1
Amber Amber
Asia Asia
Angela Angela
Diamond Diamond
Susu Susu
Hanan Hanan
Allison Allison
Melissa Melissa
Kristina Kristina
Jaimee Jaimee
Jazmyn Jazmyn
Olivia Olivia
  1. Dark purple means that they did not appear on stage in Part 1.