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Season 13: Redemption
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Season Information
Los Angeles, California
October 7, 2014 - January 6, 2015
13 episodes
Natalie vs. Raquel and Redd
Tanisha Thomas
Real challenge.
Season Chronology
Season 12: Chicago
Season 14: Back For More

Season Thirteen: Redemption, also referred to as (BGC: Redemption) is the thirteenth season of the Oxygen reality television series Bad Girls Club. It featured an alumni cast consisting of nine women from previous seasons. Season 13 is the sixth to be filmed in Los Angeles. The thirteenth season also features life coach Laura Baron from season 12.

This is also the first and only season to have an alumni cast. The thirteenth season was supposed to be the very last season of Bad Girls Club originally but producers convinced Oxygen for few more seasons as this was confirmed by Judi in interview.

Also, the season is seen as part of the downfall of the BGC franchises where the true meaning of the show was lost. The season overall was seem as a huge disappointment to fans. The idea of Redemption was for the girls to redeem themselves from their previous season and to change for the better but the bad girl behavior took control of the house resulting in even worst appearances for the bad girls.


Original Bad Girls

This season was the fifth to feature a fan favorite contest, which allowed viewers to vote for their favorite "bad girl" every week. Ultimately, Rocky gained the most votes and was named the fan favorite.

Bad Girl   Original Season Age  Current Location  
Alyssa "Redd" Carswell 12 25 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Camilla Poindexter 8 27 Long Beach, CA
Danni Victor 8 26 Methuen, MA
Jada Cacchilli 12 28 Queens, NY
Judi Jai 7 25 Chicago, IL
Julie Ofcharsky 9 25 Boston, MA
Natalie Nunn 4 29 Oakland, CA
Rocky Santiago 10 23 Pine Grove, CA
Sarah Oliver 11 29 Riverdale, GA


Bad Girl   Original Season Age  Current Location   Replaced
Rima Mellal 9 24 Chicago, Illinois Judi

Duration of Cast

Bad Girls Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Camilla FEAT.
Danni FEAT.
Julie FEAT.
Rocky FEAT.
Sarah FEAT.
Natalie FEAT. REM.


Key:      = "Bad Girl" is featuring on this episode.
Key:      = "Bad Girl" replacement arrives.
Key:      = "Bad Girl" is removed from the house.
  •   1  Natalie was removed from the house in episode 4 after a physical altercation with Raquel.
  •   2  Alyssa was removed from the house in episode 4 after jumping Natalie during a physical altercation with Raquel.
  •   3  Judi was removed from the house in episode 6 after threatening Jada, Raquel, Julie, Camilla and Danielle.
  •   4  Rima replaced Judi in episode 8.
  •   5  Jada was removed from the house in episode 8 after causing harm to Danielle during an altercation with Camilla.


  • This is the first and only season that features alumni as original bad girls.
  • It is also the first and only season to have more than 7 original bad girls in the cast.
    • This season has 9 original bad girls, while Season 15 features 8 original bad girls.
  • This is the first season that is renamed with a theme instead of a location. The next four seasons that include this are Season 14: Back For More, Season 15: Twisted Sisters, Season 16: Social Disruption, and Season 17: East Meets West.
  • Camilla Poindexter and Raquel "Rocky" Santiago are the only original bad girls this season that appeared as replacements on their previous seasons.
  • Camilla Poindexter, Danielle Victor, and Sarah Oliver are the only three bad girls who stayed throughout this season after leaving their original seasons.
  • Julie Ofcharsky and Rima Mellal are the only bad girl alums that stayed until the end on this season and their original season.
  • Julie Ofcharsky is the only bad girl who was an original and made it until the end on this season and her original season.
  • Jada Cacchilli and Judi Jai are the only two bad girls who were removed from this season, but stayed until the end on their original season.
  • Natalie Nunn and Alyssa "Redd" Carswell were both removed in their previous seasons, and removed from this season respectively.
  • Rima Mellal is the first and only bad girl alum to be an original in their previous season and a replacement in another season.
  • Mehgan James and Tiara Hodge were both offered spots on this season. However, Mehgan reportedly declined, and Tiara was scrapped after leaking the show's contracts on social media.
  • This is the second season to feature Laura Baron as the life coach.
  • This is the first season to have only 10 episodes.
  • This is the first season that features Oxygen's new logo and brand after it revamped.
  • This is the first season since Season 2 that enforced strict rules on physical violence. Prior to the jumping in Season 11, the show changed its rules.


Episode 1: Camilla vs Sarah (argument)

Episode 1: Danni vs Judi (argument)

Episode 1: Redd vs Judi (argument)

Episode 2: Camilla vs Sarah & Jada (argument)

Episode 2: Camilla vs Natalie (argument)

Episode 2: Redd vs Natalie

Episode 3: Redd vs Natalie Round 2

Episode 3: Camilla vs Judi (argument)

Episode 3: Judi vs Julie, Jada and Redd (argument)

Episode 4: Jada vs Sarah (Un-Aired)

Episode 4: Natalie vs Camilla (argument)

Episode 4: Natalie vs Rocky & Redd

Episode 5: Judi vs Jada Round 2

Episode 6: Rocky and Jada vs Sarah

Episode 6: Rocky vs Sarah Round 1

Episode 6: Rocky vs Sarah Round 2

Episode 6: Sarah vs Jada (Un-Aired)

Episode 7: Camilla vs Jada

Episode 7: Camilla vs Jada Round 2

Episode 8: Camilla and Dani vs Jada and Julie (argument)

Episode 8: Camilla vs. Julie (argument)

Episode 9: Julie and Rima vs Sarah (Un-aired).

Episode 10: Camilla vs. Rocky (argument)

Episode 10: Camilla vs. Rima and Julie (argument)

Reunion Part 1: Rocky vs. Sarah Round 3

Reunion Part 2: Rocky vs. Sarah Round 4

Reunion Part 2: Camilla vs. Jada Round 3

Reunion Part 2: Danni and Tanisha vs. Jada

Reunion Part 3: Judi vs. Rima


(0.) Return to the Mansion ( September 30, 2014)

  1. Bad Girls Don't Cry ( October 7, 2014)

2. Judging Judi ( October 14, 2014)

3. Lashing Out ( October 21, 2014)

4. Birthday Blowout ( October 28, 2014)

5. Glitter Beef ( November 4, 2014)

6. Rocky - ing the Boat ( November 11, 2014)

7. Trouble in Paradise ( November 18, 2018)

8. Mama Drama ( November 25, 2014)

9. Twerk it Out ( December 2, 2014)

10. Girl, Bye! ( December 9, 2014)

11. Reunion, Part 1 ( December 16, 2014)

12.Reunion, Part 2 (December 23, 2014)

13. Reunion, Part 3 ( January 6, 2015)

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