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Scotty Vs. Ahna Mac
Baddies East
Between Anyssa "Ahna Mac" Santiago, and Scotlynd "Scotty" Ryan
Number of Fights 5
Episodes "Bad in D.C" and "No Promo"

Scotty Vs. Ahna Mac is the physical altercation between Scotlynd "Scotty" Ryan and Anyssa "Ahna Mac" Santiago on thefourth season of Baddies called Baddies East.


Round 1[]

.During a gathering in a restaurant, Natalie tells the group that the new Baddies cast member, Ahna is entering the restaurant, Scotty is prepared to get into an altercation with Ahna due to mutual beef that took place online. As soon as Scotty sees Ahna, she raises herself out of her chair and circles around the table before she swings at Ahna meanwhile Ahna pulls her hair and gets punched over the head by Scotty three times (MISSED) whilst she punches Scotty several times in the forehead. Scotty also gave Ahna 2 hits with her elbow.

Winner: Tie

Round 2[]


Anha tells Scotty to come over to the couch she’s standing at and when Scotty does, Anha jumps onto her before swinging and pulling eachother’s hair on the floor.

Winner: Tie

Round 3[]


Ahna and Scotty are still screaming around the restaurant. Scotty squares up and Ahna runs up on her, punches her three times whilst Scotty punches her three times. Ahna then gets her hair yanked by Scotty with security functioning as a barrier in between them.

Winner: Scotty

Round 4 - 5[]


Ahna is tired of fighting Scotty so she puts on her bonnet and tries to leave the restaurant but Scotty wants to brawl. Both Ahna and Scotty try to throw swings but neither of them connect before being separated by security creating a heavier tension for Scotty who tries to right-hook Ahna again. Before Ahna grabs her hair and falls back into a table before being separated by security, finalising their rounds.

Winner: Tie


  • Ahna leaves the restaurant’s premise with her asthma pump and goes to a hotel resulting in her missing out on attending the promo shoot.