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And you look like a teletubby, bitch!
Scotlynd "Scotty" Ryan
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February 16, 1997
Charlotte, North Carolina
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Baddies South
Baddies West
Baddies East
Baddies Caribbean
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Baddies East auditions
48 episodes
Baddies South
Anne Moore
Natalie Nunn
Jelaminah Lanier
Chrisean Rock
Baddies West
Gia "Rollie" Mayham
Suzanne "Stunna Girl" Brown
Cleo "DJ Sky High Baby" Rahman
Loren Jordan
Catya Washington
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Etheria "Scarface" Ruffin
Mariahlynn Araujo
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Anyssa "Ahna Mac" Santiago
Diamond the Body
Gia "Rollie" Mayham
Jelaminah Lanier
Tatyana "Tinka Bella" Williams
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Gia "Rollie" Mayham (formerly)
Sashanna "Slim" McLaurin (formerly)
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Monique "Razor" Samuels
Atasha "Tommie Lee" Jefferson
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Anyssa "Ahna Mac" Santiago (formerly)
Tamera "Tee" Kissen
Damerlin "Biggie" Baez (formerly)
Baddies Caribbean
Gretchen "Big Gretch" Cotto
Johnece “Kaliwae" Miller
Stayed in the house in Baddies South
Stayed in the house in Baddies West
Stayed in the house in Baddies East
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Scotlynd Ryan (also known as Scotty) is a replacement baddie on Baddies South. Scotty is currently 27 years old and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.

She was introduced as a new cast member during the middle of Baddies South by her friend Natalie Nunn as a "replacement" for Christina Salgado, where she was initially given a cold reception by some of the girls, specifically Chrisean Rock but after that they form a friendship and also got friend s with Jelaminah, before she goes at it with Rollie in an argument and a physical fight at the reunion with her an Slim.

She returned for Baddies West, where she became an official cast member from the start. During this season she makes up with Rollie and she would most notably get into multiple feuds with fellow cast member Razor, and have a temporary falling out with Natalie after an altercation. At the reunion Scotty goes at it with Tommie Lee.

She would also appear as a judge during Baddies West Auditions and Baddies East Auditions.

While on Baddies East, she would get into multiple altercations with Ahna Mac, after they went back and forth with each other online. She would also fight Tee after a fierce confrontation between the two took place. She would then once again get into multiple altercations with Natalie while in Jamaica. At the reunion she goes at it again with Tee.

She would later join Baddies Caribbean, where she makes amends with Ahna Mac. However, she would start a feud with Big Gretch for saying the N-word like the majority of the cast members.


Baddies South[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 4 Episode 5-8 Episode 7-12 Episode 13-14
Scotty Scotty Scotty Scotty Scotty
  1. Scotty replaced Christina in episode 4
  2. Scotty made it to the end of the show

Baddies West[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1-4 Episode 5-8 Episode 7-12 Episode 13-14
Scotty Scotty Scotty Scotty Scotty
  1. Scotty made it to the end of the show

Baddies East[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1-7 Episode 8-13 Episode 14-18 Episode 19-20
Scotty Scotty Scotty Scotty Scotty
  1. Scotty made it to the end of the show


Image Opponents Episode
BaddiesSouthBrawl Rollie


Baddies South: The Reunion Pt.I
RollieScotty2 Rollie
RollieScotty Baddies South: The Reunion Pt.2
ScottyRazor1 Razor What Happen in Vegas..
NatalieScotty Natalie Messy Bestie
ScottyAhna1 Ahna Mac Bad in D.C
ScottyAhna2 No Promo
TeeScotty Tee Go-Kart Road Rage
NatalieScotty2 Natalie Hangry Friends
NatalieScotty3 You Gotta Handle Her
ETjumped1 Scarface Baddies East: The Reunion Pt. I
ScottyTee2 Biggie


Baddies East: The Reunion Pt.2
ScottyTee3 Tee


  • Scotty is the first replacement to be casted on Baddies.
  • She is the only replacement to be featured as an original on another season of Baddies.
  • Scotty was voted as one of the fan favorites on Baddies East


Baddies South[]

Baddies West[]

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